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How to do the Tricks

Crystal Creation

When sugar dissolves in water, the sugar seems to disappear. But you can make the sugar reappear in the form of beautiful crystals. Obtain a glassful of sugar-and-water solution from your teacher. Tie two or three pieces of cotton string to a pencil and tie paper clips to the loose ends of the string. Lower the paper clips into the solution and lay the pencil across the top of the glass. After several hours, examine the strings in the solution. What do you see?

The Great Burnout

Make a burning match go out without blowing on it or shaking it. Fill a glass with soda water from a freshly opened bottle. Have your teacher light a match for you. Hold the match over the glass of soda water. The flame will go out right away.

Parting Pepper

Amaze your audience by making pepper grains scatter across the surface of some water without disturbing the water. Sprinkle some pepper over the surface of a bowl of water. Dip the wooden end of a matchstick into some liquid detergent. Then touch the center of the water very gently with the soapy end of the matchstick and watch the pepper grains scatter.

Dissolving Pictures

As your audience watches, you will remove a picture from a newspaper and transfer it to another sheet of paper. Obtain a jar containing some magic liquid from your teacher. Add a few drops of liquid soap to the jar, tighten the jar lid, and shake vigorously for about 10 seconds. Use a paintbrush to moisten a picture in the newspaper with some of the soapy mixture. Then place a blank sheet of white paper over the moist picture and gently rub the paper with the bowl of a soup spoon. When you lift the white paper, it will have an image of the newspaper picture on it.

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