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Unit 5A, Systems in Living Things

Unit Project: Living Systems Museum Display

Students will design and build a museum display that compares the systems in a plant, a vertebrate, and an invertebrate.

Project Link 1 (Chapter 1, p. A27)
Select a plant, an invertebrate, and a vertebrate. Research where the organisms live and what the animals eat. Then find out how museums set up plant and animal displays.

Internet Links

Franklin Institute: Animals--Vertebrates

The Oakland Zoo

Wired@school: Something Froggy


The Invertebrate Animals


Brooklyn Botanic Gardensl
Metropolitan Plants


The Franklin Institute Science Museum

The Franklin Institute Science Museum

Boston Museum of Science: Exhibit Shows

Museums: Virtual Library museums pages

Project Link 2 (Chapter 2, p. A37)
Choose a plant and research the plant system that allows for gas exchange. Research the respiratory systems of the invertebrate and vertebrate you chose. Create a display that compares these three systems. Make posters and build three-dimensional models of each of the systems for a museum display.

Internet Links
Oxygen-Delivering Systems

National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution: Dept. of Vertebrate Zoology

Science Learning Network: Oxygen Delivering Systems

Project Link 3 (Chapter 3, p. A55)
Explore the transport system of the plant you are researching. Then find out about the circulatory system of the animals you are researching. Compare the plant's transport system with the animal's circulatory systems. Create posters and three-dimensional models of each of these systems for your museum display.

Internet Links
Transport Systems

Indianapolis-Marion Public Library
Science Fact File: Inside The Human Body

Science Learning Network:
The Circle of Blood

Student Resources

  • Creating a Museum Display
  • Building a Model of an Air Sac

  • Project Link 4 (Chapter 4, p. A81)
    Find out about the life cycles of the plant and animals you are researching. Show how the life cycles are alike and different. Then make posters and three-dimensional models of each of their life cycles. Set up a panel of judges to judge the displays. Give awards based on different categories, such as "Best Designed" and "Most Informative." Invite guests to visit the display and learn from it.

    Internet Links
    Life Cycles

    University of Illinois Extension--The Great Plant Escape: What is the life cycle of a plant?

    Canadian Fishing Company: Life of the Sockeye Salmon

    American Museum of Natural History
    Human Aging: How We Grow

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