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Internet Field Trip: The Atmosphere

Internet Links

World Builders Lesson 3--Layers of the Atmosphere
Explore the layers of Earth's atmosphere.

Institute on Climate and Planets: Atmospheric Pressure/ Layers of the Atmosphere
Begin at sea level and trace the layers of the atmosphere.

Space Academy: Earth's Atmosphere
Lift off into the air.

NOVA Online Adventure: The Atmosphere
Go up, up, and away to the edge of deep space.

Internet Field Trip: Earth's Atmosphere and Air Pressure

Internet Links

World Builders Lesson 3: Air Pressure and Atmospheric Density
We live at the bottom of an ocean of air.

Miami Museum of Science: What Happens When a Storm Comes?
See how air pressure is used to predict a storm.

NASA: It's a Breeze--How Air Pressure Affects You
Try these air pressure experiments!

Internet Field Trip: Cloud Types

Internet Links

Athena Curriculum: Observing Clouds
Explore the three main cloud types.

Internet Field Trip: Hurricanes and Tornadoes

Internet Links

Miami Museum of Science: How do hurricanes work?
Fly into the eye of a hurricane.

Miami Museum of Science: What is a hurricane like?
Meet a family that survived a hurricane.

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