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Internet Field Trip: Earth's Fresh Water

Internet Links

Earth's Water
This fabulous site from the U. S. Geological Survey discusses how much water there is on earth, where it is, and how it cycles through the atmosphere and back to earth.

The Water Cycle
This page from Miami University of Ohio provides illustrations of the water cycle.

The Watershed Game
Through interactive quizzes and games, this Web site from the University of Minnesota's Bell Museum of Natural History gives kids a great introduction to groundwater and water uses.

What is Groundwater?
This Web site uses animated diagrams to explain how groundwater functions.

Water Education and Kids Corner
The Mojave Water Agency provides quick information on the water cycle, groundwater, and conservation.

CFWC: Meet the Farm Water 'Toons!
The California Farm Water Coalition created this kids' page, which gives an overview of how water is used in California.

How Many Gallons of Water Does It Take to Make Your Salad?
In this game from the California Water Awareness Campaign, kids will learn how much water goes into a salad.

Internet Field Trip: Sources of Fresh Water

Internet Links

Freshwater Ecosystems
This Web site takes an in-depth look at rivers and streams, lakes and ponds, and wetlands.

Here you will find an overview of sources of fresh water.

EPA Ground Water and Drinking Water
This Web site provides a look at the sources and treatment of the water we drink.

Wells ThinQuest

Internet Field Trip: Water Quality

Internet Links

Water Quality
This excellent site for kids includes sections on pesticides, groundwater, and urbanization.

Contaminated Drinking Water
This essay discusses the causes and effects of contaminated drinking water.

Bacterial Waterborne Diseases
This page from the Centers for Disease Control gives a brief overview of waterborne diseases.

Water and My World
This Web site from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences guides children through an exploration of water and their health.

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