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Internet Field Trip: Measurement

Internet Links

University of North Carolina: Units of Measurement
Click on the first letter of a specific unit of measurement and
explore this dictionary of measurement terms.

Science Made Simple, Inc: Conversions—
Online Metric & English Customary Units Measurements Conversion
Choose a unit of measurement and then click to make the
conversion between metric and English units.

Math League Multimedia: Metric Units and Measurement
Learn the fundamentals of measurement.

Internet Field Trip: Solutions

Internet Links

ChemTutor: Solutions
Explore the properties of solutions.

Project Learn—ChemTeam: Introduction to Solutions
Learn why certain mixtures are called solutions.

Internet Field Trip: Chemical Bonding

Internet Links

New York University MathMol — Chemical Bonding K-12
Investigate the forces of attraction that hold atoms together.

ChemTutor: Compounds
Choose from an extensive menu of chemical bonding.

Quia! Quiz: Chemical Bonds
Take a challenging quiz on chemical bonds. Atoms: Bonds
Discover how bonding makes atoms “happy.”

Johnson County Community College: Chemical Bonds
Explore what happens when atoms gain, lose, or share electrons
and the types of bonding that occur from these relationships.

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