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Internet Field Trip: Life Processes of Plants

Internet Links

University of Illinois Extension: The Great Plant Escape
Help Detective Le Plant solve the mysteries of plant life.

Photosynthesis and Transpiration
Try some of these fun experiments!

Internet Field Trip: More About the Human Body

Internet Links

Columbia Healthcare Corporation: The Virtual Body
Experience an interactive tour of the human heart, brain, digestive system, and skeleton.

Nemours Foundation
KidsHealth: My Body
Click on a word or body part and find out about the human body.

Internet Field Trip: Human Body Systems

Internet Link

The Franklin Institute Science Museum
The Heart: An Online Exploration
Investigate the blood-pumping machine of the body.

Internet Field Trip: Life Cycles

Internet Links

University of Illinois Extension--The Great Plant Escape: What is the life cycle of a plant?
Follow Detective Le Plant through the mysteries of plant life cycles.

Canadian Fishing Company: Life of the Sockeye Salmon
See beautiful photos of the salmon life cycle.

University of Illinois Extension: How Worms Reproduce
Learn about the life cycle of Herman the Earthworm.

Desert USA: The Common Barn Owl
Find out about the life cycle of a common desert bird, the barn owl.

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