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Making a Solar-Powered Machine

To make a machine that runs on solar power, you need a solar cell, a small motor, two test leads, which are wire connectors with clamps, and modeling clay. The clay will serve as a holder for the motor. You may use the construction paper an dthread to make devices to attach to the motor. You also need direct sunlight or a desk lamp with a 60 watt bulb.

  • Use modeling clay to make a holder for the small motor. Set the motor in the holder, as shown.
  • Place a solar cell in bright sunlight or under a 60-watt lamp. Use the test leads to attach the cell to the motor, as shown.
  • Design and make a paper device such as a blade for a model electric can or a propeller for a model airplane. Attach the blade to the motor.
  • Find out what happens to the machine when you hold the solar cell closer to, and then farther away from, the source of the light.

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