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Internet Field Trip: Properties and Measurement of Matter

Internet Links
Rader's Chem4Kids: Matter

Find out about matter—its physical and chemical properties and how it reacts and combines.
Quia! Properties of Matter

Play fun interactive games based on the properties of matter.

Utah State Office of Education:
Properties of Matter

Explore the make-up of matter with simple, fun experiments.

ThinkQuest Junior:
Metrics Matter

The metric guide will help you to measure matter by using the metric and English systems.

Internet Field Trip: Examples of Different Kinds of Matter

Internet Links

National Geographic Society:
Polymers: They're Everywhere

Learn about polymers; you can find them everywhere!

Royal Society of Chemistry
Chemsoc: Periodic Table--Flash Version

Take a tour of the elements of the Periodic Table.

Internet Field Trip: States of Matter

Internet Links
Research: Chem4kids: Matter

Explore what happens when matter changes.

New York University Mathmol: States of Matter
Learn about different states of matter in everyday things.
Matching--States of Matter Match

Play matching, vocabulary, and concentration games based on the states of matter.

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