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Internet Field Trip: How Saber-toothed Cats Lived

Internet Links

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
Saber-toothed Cat

Learn interesting facts about the body and life of the saber-toothed cat.

Illinois State Museum: Midwestern U.S. 16,000 Years Ago
See the full skeleton of the saber-toothed cat.

The Museum of Paleontology: University of California, Berkeley

Find out about the two types of saber-toothed cats.

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
Predators From the Past

Learn about the saber-toothed cat's prey.

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
Deadly Difference

See the difference between saber-toothed cats and lions.

Internet Field Trip: A Spider's Food Web

Internet Links

Rochedale State School: Other Spiders
Find out about spiders from all over the world.

Southwest Educational Development Laboratory: Spiders
Try this activity on how the spider catches its prey.

The Construction of a Wheel Web
Follow a spider as it spins a web.

Las familias de insectos de Costa Rica
Mira estas maravillosas fotos de insectos.

Las arañas
¿Cómo son las arañas? ¿Cómo se alimentan? ¿Son todas peligrosas? Averígualo aquí.

Internet Field Trip: How Desert Animals Have Adapted to Their Dry Environments

Internet Links

Missouri Botanical Garden
Multimedia Animals Encyclopedia: Desert Animals

Choose a desert animal and learn how it has adapted to its environment.

Desert USA
Desert Animal Survival

Explore the ways some desert animals "beat the heat."

Desert USA: Surviving Summer in Death Valley
Learn how some animals adapt to their desert environment.

The Living Desert: About Deserts: Gosh, I'm Thirsty!
Discover how desert animals conserve water.

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