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Internet Field Trip: Changes in Matter

Internet Links

Chem4Kids: Matter
Discover the mysteries of matter.

New York University, MATHMOL: Hypermedia Textbook
What is Matter?

Find out about solids, liquids, and gases.

Internet Field Trip: Forms of Energy

Internet Links

Energy Education from California Energy Commission
Energy Quest: The Energy Story

Discover how important energy is to our daily lives.

U.S. Department of Energy
Roofus' Solar and Efficient Neighborhood

Learn about solar energy from an energy-smart dog.

Department of Trade and Industry: Energy - Renewables
Find out about renewable energy.

Internet Field Trip: Simple Machines and How They Work

Internet Links

Museum of Science, Boston: The Inventor's Toolbox
Learn about simple machines–from the wheel and axle to the ratchet.

Franklin Institute Science Museum
Find out about the inclined plane, wedge, and other simple machines.

Miami University, Ohio, Dragonfly: Tools
See how some intelligent animals use tools.

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