Human Body

Inside the Human Body - The Respiratory System
How do the lungs work? What hazards threaten the respiratory system? And what can kids do about them? This engaging Web site has information, printables, and games for students in grades 1-12.

The Exploratorium: seeing | exhibits
What you see is what you get—but is it what's really out there? This cool Web site provides five puzzles that explore the way our brains process images and explain the basis for some common optical illusions.

Yucky Gross & Cool Body
This Web site explores the science behind eye gunk, ear wax, dandruff, and other bodily functions that are often considered “yucky” and “gross.” There is also a drop-down menu that provides information about systems of the body.

HSC: Kids Stuff
This page from the University of Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children explores questions like “Why are kidneys important?,” “Do I have a computer inside me?” “Why do cats make my friend sneeze?” and “How are humans like fish?”

WSU | Ask Dr. Universe | Special Genetics Section
Ask Dr. Universe is a wonderful resource provided by Washington State University. This section collects Dr. Universe's answers about genetics and evolution.

My Body — Shockwave Version
This colorful site for kids features a clickable drawing of the human body. The site also offers information on kids' health problems, adults' health problems, dealing with feelings, and more.

BrainPOP — Health, Science, Technology, Math, English Animation and Educational Site for Kids.
BrainPOP is a collection of animated movies on a variety of topics. This one provides an overview of the systems in the human body. Explorations of specific topics are available through a drop-down movie. BrainPOP is a subscription site, but anyone can view two movies a day without a fee.

Cooking for Your Family
Play the Food Pyramid Game to create your own food pyramid. Then sort different types of food into their matching groups. If playing with all thatfood makes you hungry, use the recipes on this site to prepare easy-to-make, healthful snacks and meals.

The Nutrition Café
You can visit the Nutrition Café to learn about healthful foods and a proper diet in a fun and interactive environment. At this site you can solve food mysteries by uncovering the missing nutrients. Try the Grab-a-Grape game to answer questions about Food Basics, Food & Sports, and other fun categories. Then visit the Have-a-Bite Café to make your own meals and to compare the meals' nutrients with the Recommended Daily Allowances.

The Heart: An Online Exploration
Philadelphia's Franklin Institute provides this introduction to the heart and how it interacts with systems of the body.