Using the Baseline Group Tests

The Baseline Group Tests are designed to help you determine students' reading ability and instructional needs in Invitations to Literacy.

There is a Baseline Group Test booklet for each grade level, 1 through 6. Each booklet consists of two reading passages and a series of questions that test students' understanding of the passages. At levels 1 and 2, both passages in the booklet are fiction. At levels 3-6, the first passage is fiction and the second is nonfiction. The Teacher's Annotated Edition for each level provides information on how to score the test and how to use the test scores to estimate an appropriate reading level and determine the amount of instructional support to provide for each student.

Students may be able to complete the two passages and their accompanying questions in one class period. However, you may need or prefer to use two class periods to administer the test. You will be the best judge of what is a comfortable pace for your students.

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