Books for the Library Corner

The Alphabet in Nature
by Judy Feldman
Childrens 1991 (32p)
Close observation reveals the letters of the alphabet in photographs of nature.
by Mercer Mayer
Dial 1976 (32p) Puffin 1993 paper
In a funny adventure, an elephant helps his friend Ms. Hippo get rid of the hiccups.
by Suse MacDonald
Macmillan 1986 (64p) also paper
Letters of the alphabet transform into pictures that illustrate the letter's sound.
Jiggle Wiggle Prance
by Sally Noll
Puffin 1993 (32p)
Lively animals act out action words likeclimb,ride, andjump.
The Lifesize Animal Counting Book
Dorling Kindersley 1994 (32p)
Big-as-life photos of animals, like rabbits and tortoises, make counting fun.
Animal Antics
Snap Shot 1994 (32p)
Photographs introduce readers to animals like playful seals and chatty chimps.
The Cat Sat on the Mat
by Alice Cameron
Houghton 1994 (32p)
As children look through a peephole to guess where the family cat is going next, they learn new words.
Houses Around Our World
by The National Geographic Society
(Social Studies)
National Geographic 1994 (18p)
Readers are brought inside the homes of families from other cultures.
Elephants Aloft
by Kathi Appelt
Harcourt 1993 (32p)
Two elephants fly above rooftops, below the moon, and across oceans as they travel by balloon to Africa.
Funny Faces
Snapshot 1994 (32p)
Photographs focus on animal faces that are both strange and familiar.

Books for Teacher Read Aloud

What's For Lunch?
by John Schindel
Lothrop 1994 (32p)
A cumulative series of animals almost interrupts Sydney the mouse's plans for a picnic lunch.
Dogs Don't Wear Sneakers
by Laura Joffe Numeroff
Simon 1993 (32p)
A child imagines animals doing all kinds of wacky things.
Shape Space
by Catherine Falwell
Clarion 1992 (32p)
A young girl dances her way through geometric shapes.
Don't Forget the Bacon!
by Pat Hutchins
Greenwillow 1976 (32p) Mulberry 1989 paper
A trip to the store turns into a funny excursion when a boy mixes up the grocery list.
The Absent-Minded Toad
by Javier Rondón
Kane/Miller 1994 (32p)
During a shopping expedition, a toad has such fun that he forgets to buy anything. Available in Spanish asEl sapo distraído.
Blackberry Ink
by Eve Merriam
Morrow 1985 (32p) Mulberry 1994 paper
Pizza, cats, and a washing machine are some of the subjects of this collection of bouncy poems.
Max Found Two Sticks
by Brian Pinkney
Simon 1994 (32p)
Max uses sticks to tap out the rhythms of the things he sees and hears around him.
The Quiet Noisy Book
by Margaret Wise Brown
Harper 1950 (32p)
The little dog Muffin tries to figure out what quiet sound woke him from his sleep.
Guess Who?
by Margaret Miller
Greenwillow 1994 (40p)
Simple questions and a series of possible answers engage children in a guessing game.
Roar and More
by Karla Kuskin
Harper 1990 paper (32p)
Funny, rhyming text presents the noises different animals make.
Caps for Sale
by Esphyr Slobodkina
Harper 1947 (48p) also paper
A band of mischievous monkeys make off with a peddler's hats. Available in Spanish asSe venden gorras.
You Can't Catch Me!
by Annabel Collis
Little 1993 (32p)
A little boy's imagination transforms a city playground into a jungle.
Minerva Louise
by Janet Morgan Stoeke
Dutton 1988 (32p) Puffin paper
Searching for a playmate, a hen named Minerva Louise explores a house.
The Sheep Follow
by Monica Wellington
Dutton 1992 (32p)
After following different animals, sheep are too tired to follow their shepherd.
Aaron and Gayla's Counting Book
by Eloise Greenfield
Black Butterfly 1994 (32p)
Two children playing in the rain count the things around them.

Books for Shared Reading

Today Is Monday
by Eric Carle
Philomel 1993 (32p)
A favorite song introduces readers to the days of the week.
Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed
by Eileen Christelow
Clarion 1989 (32p) also paper
Trouble starts when five little monkeys jump on the bed after they say goodnight to their mama.
Los pollitos dicen/The Baby Chicks Sing: Traditional Games, Nursery Rhymes, and Songs from Spanish-Speaking Countries
by Nancy Abraham Hall and Jill Syverson-Stork
Little 1994
In English and Spanish.
Thump, Thump, Rat-a-Tat-Tat
by Gene Baer
Harper 1989 (32p)
A marching band grows louder and louder as it approaches.
Sheep on a Ship
by Nancy Shaw
Houghton 1989 (32p)
A group of zany sheep share funny adventures on a pirate ship.
The House That Jack Built
by Jenny Stow
Dial 1992 (32p)
A Caribbean setting gives a favorite nursery rhyme lush new life.
Peanut Butter and Jelly: A Play Rhyme
by Nadine Bernard Westcott
Puffin 1992 (24p)
With the help of elephants and a baker, two children make an enormous sandwich.
Each Peach Pear Plum
by Janet and Allan Ahlberg
Viking 1978 (32p) Puffin paper
In a rhyming game of I Spy, children find familiar nursery rhyme characters.
Ten Pink Piglets: Garth Pig's Wall Song
by Mary Rayner
Dutton 1994 (32p)
This song counts down from one to ten as successive piglets tumble off a wall.