Books for the Library Corner

Growing Colors
by Bruce McMillan
Lothrop 1988 (32p) Mulberry 1994 paper
Photographs reveal the beautiful colors in garden fruits and vegetables.
Close-Up Colors
Snapshot 1995 (20p)
Children pull tabs to discover that one close-up color image changes into another.
by Pascale De Bourgoing
Scholastic 1991 (24p)
See-through pages change the pictures in this primer about color.
Counting Wildflowers
by Bruce McMillan
Mulberry paper 1995 (32p)
Photographs of twenty brilliant wildflowers introduce colors and counting.
A Fishy Color Story
by Joanne and David Wylie
Childrens 1983 (32p) paper
Bold illustrations of fish illustrate the concept of colors. Available in Spanish asUn cuento curioso de colores.
The Colors
by Monique Felix
Creative Education (32p) 1992
A mouse eats her way into a book and has an adventure with color.
Color Zoo
by Lois Ehlert
Lippincott 1989 (32p)
Geometric shapes and different colors combine to create nine zoo animals.
My Blue Boat
by Chris L. Demarest
Harcourt 1995 (32p)
Playing in the bathtub with her blue boat, a girl imagines an adventurous ocean voyage.
A Child's Book of Art: Great Pictures, First Words
by Lucy Micklethwait
Dorling Kindersley 1993 (64p)
Children learn about color and art appreciation by looking at works of art.
Colors Everywhere
by Tana Hoban
Greenwillow 1995 (32p)
Stunning photographs reveal the myriad colors found everywhere.
Planting a Rainbow
by Lois Ehlert
Harcourt 1988 (32p) also paper
Planting a garden of flowers, a child learns about the colors of the rainbow.
The Color Box
by Dayle Ann Dodds
Little 1992 (32p)
Readers follow Alexander the monkey inside a box and through a world of myriad colors.
Finding Red, Finding Yellow
by Betsy Imershein
Harcourt 1989 (32p)
Readers discover red and yellow in familiar objects in the world around them.
Red Bear
Bodel Rikys
Dial 1992 (32p)
Red Bear has a busy day full of color and adventure.
Blue Bug's Book of Colors
by Virginia Poulet
Childrens 1981 (32p)
Blue Bug discovers that mixing two colors together creates a new one. Available in Spanish asEl libro de colores de Azulín.
Of Colors and Things
by Tana Hoban
Greenwillow 1989 (24p)
Groupings of familiar items invite children to identify colors, shapes, and objects.

Books for Teachers to Read Aloud

All the Colors of the Earth
by Sheila Hamanaka
Morrow 1994 (32p)
A poetic celebration of the diversity of the world's children.
Samuel Todd's Book of Great Colors
by E. L. Konigsburg
Atheneum 1990 (32p)
A young boy observes how color illuminates the world around him.
El señor Conejo y el hermoso regalo (Mr. Rabbit and the Lovely Present)
by Charlotte Zolotow
Text in Spanish.
Mouse Paint
by Ellen Stoll Walsh
Harcourt 1989 (32p) also paper
Three white mice experiment with jars of red, yellow, and blue paint.
Harold and the Purple Crayon
by Robert Kraus
Harper 1955 (64p) also paper
A boy out for a walk draws himself adventures with a purple crayon. Available in Spanish asHarold y el lápiz color morado.
White Is the Moon
by Valerie Greeley
Macmillan 1991 (32p)
The theme of color links verse and scenes from nature that take the reader through a day.
What Is Color?
by Christina Rossetti
Harper 1992 (40p)
A well-known poem about color is paired with pictures of familiar objects.
A Rainbow of My Own
by Don Freeman
Viking 1966 (32p) Puffin 1978
A little boy longs to have a rainbow all his own.
by Shirley Hughes
Lothrop 1986 (24p)
Rhyming verse introduces colors in objects and places.
Color Dance
by Ann Jonas
Greenwillow 1989 (32p)
Dancers waving scarves demonstrate different combinations of color.

Books for Shared Reading

Hide and Seek in the Yellow House
by Agatha Rose
Viking 1992 (32p) Puffin 1995 paper
In a yellow house, a mother cat searches for her kitten.
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?
by Bill Martin, Jr.
Holt 1992 (32p)
A variety of animals answer the question “What do you see?” in a playful book about color.
The Green Queen
by Nick Sharratt
Candlewick 1992 (24p)
The green queen wears her many-colored scarf when she goes out for a walk.
Freight Train
by Donald Crews
Greenwillow 1978 (32p) also paper
A freight train of colored cars brings the reader on an exciting ride.
Red Is Best
by Kathy Stinson
Annick 1982 (32p) Firefly 1992 paper
A girl explains why her favorite clothes are red. Available in Spanish asEl rojo es el mejor.
Mary Wore Her Red Dress and Henry Wore His Green Sneakers
by Merle Peek
Clarion 1985 (32p) also paper
Katy's animal friends dress in different colors to go to her birthday party.
I Went Walking
by Sue Williams
Harcourt 1989 (32p) also paper
A young child goes walking and identifies animals, including a brown horse and a pink pig. Available in Spanish asSalí de paseo.
Yellow Ball
by Molly Bang
Morrow 1991 (24p)
A little boy's yellow ball drifts out to sea and washes up on a distant shore.