Books For Independent Reading

Books for the Library Corner

newColors Around Us
by Shelley Rotner and Anne Woodhull
Simon 1996 (16p)
In this lift-the-flap book, photographs reveal the dazzling range of colors in the world around us.
newCat's Colors
by Jane Cabrera
Dial 1997 (32p)
A tiger cat describes ten different colors in his world and tells which is his favorite in this bright book.
newWildflower ABC
by Diana Pomeroy
Harcourt 1997 (32p)
Potato prints of wildflowers are accompanied by each flower's name and its appropriate alphabet letter in upper and lower case.
What Color Was the Sky Today?
by Miela Ford
Greenwillow 1997 (24p)
A young child observes the different colors in the sky and sees a rainbow as the weather changes from clear to cloudy to rainy and back again.
Cat Among the Cabbages
by Alison Bartlett
Dutton 1997 (24p)
A white cat walks through a blue gate, leaps after a yellow butterfly, and struts past pink piglets on its way to a barn that's filled with black-and-white kittens.
Kente Colors
by Debbi Chocolate
Walker 1996 (32p)
Rhyming text celebrates the traditional kente cloth made by the peoples of Ghana and Togo.
White Rabbit's Color Book
by Alan Baker
Kingfisher 1994 (28p)
A rabbit explores color with red, yellow, and blue buckets of paint.
Color Farm
by Lois Ehlert
Lippincott 1990 (40p)
Geometric shapes and bold colors combine to create different farm animals.

Books for Teachers to Read Aloud

newChidi Only Likes Blue: An African Book of Colors
by Ifeoma Onyefulu
Cobblehill 1997 (32p)
Chidi's favorite color is blue, but his older sister teaches him about the other colors they see in their Nigerian village, from the yellow gari grains they eat to the pink flowers around their home.
newThe Purple Hat
by Tracey Campbell Pearson
Farrar 1997 (32p)
When Annie wears her new purple hat to school and loses it, her family, classmates, and even the entire town join the search for it.
newBooby Hatch
by Betsy Lewin
Clarion 1996 (32p) also paper
On an island in the Galapagos, a blue-footed Booby named Pepé grows from a hatchling into a mature adult.
Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse
by Kevin Henkes
Greenwillow 1996 (32p)
When Lilly takes a new, music-playing purple plastic purse to school, her eagerness to show it off gets her into trouble with her beloved teacher Mr. Slinger.
Brother Wolf: A Seneca Tale
by Harriet Peck Taylor
Farrar 1996 (32p)
In this tale from the Seneca, Wolf rewards his bird friends for helping him by painting them the beautiful colors of wildflowers.
The Red Racer
by Audrey Wood
Simon 1996 (32p)
Nona tries to get rid of her old, battered bike so that she can get the Deluxe Red Racer that she sees in a store window.
Elmer in the Snow
by David McKee
Lothrop 1996 (32p)
When his friends complain of being cold, Elmer, the colorful patchwork elephant, takes them to a mountaintop to see what snow is like.
Henry and the Red Stripes
by Eileen Christelow
Clarion 1982 (32p)
After an encounter with a fox, Henry, a brown rabbit who paints himself with red stripes, understands why rabbits should be brown.

Books for Shared Reading

newThe Crayon Counting Book
by Pam Muñoz Ryan
Charlesbridge 1996 (32p) also paper
Rhyming text helps children count different colored crayons by even and odd numbers.
newA Red Wagon Year
by Kathi Appelt
Harcourt 1996 (26p)
A group of neighborhood children turn a red wagon into a turtle's nest in April, a parade float in July, and a spaceship in October.
newThree Yellow Dogs
by Caron Lee Cohen
Mulberry paper 1997 (24p)
In only five words, the adventures of three yellow dogs are described as they run and play.
They Thought They Saw Him
by Craig Strete
Greenwillow 1996 (32p)
A chameleon uses his ability to change color to hide from a snake, an owl, a fox, and a boy who are pursuing him.
My Crayons Talk
by Patricia Hubbard
Holt 1996 (32p)
Catchy rhyming verse celebrates color as a child imagines her crayons talking.
Moo Moo, Brown Cow
by Jakki Wood
Harcourt 1992 (28p)
As readers are introduced to baby animals and their mothers, they learn colors and numbers.
The Big Red Bus
by Judy Hindley
Candlewick 1995 (32p)
When one of the wheels on a red bus gets stuck, it causes a cumulative traffic jam.

Now Available in Paperback

newOf Colors and Things
by Tana Hoban
newKente Colors
by Debbi Chocolate
The Green Queen
by Nick Sharrat
Yellow Ball
by Molly Bang

Now Available in Spanish

Mouse Paint (Pinta ratones)
by Ellen Stoll Walsh
Freight Train
by Donald Crews
I Went Walking
by Sue Williams
Mouse Paint
by Ellen Stoll Walsh

Now Available as a Big Book

Planting a Rainbow
by Lois Ehlert

Now Out of Print

A Fishy Color Story
by Joanne and David Wylie