Books for the Library Corner

Bet You Can't
by Penny Dale
Lippincott 1987 (24p)
A sister and brother challenge one another as they clean their room.
The Gift
by John Prater
Viking 1985 (24p) 1987 paper
Two children pretend to travel the world while playing in an empty box.
I Walk and Read
by Tana Hoban
Greenwillow 1984 (32p)
Photographs lead readers past different signs on walks around the city.
I'm Not Scared
by Kirsten Hall
Childrens 1994 (32p)
Two friends get scared when they are camping out alone.
Feast for 10
by Cathryn Falwell
Clarion 1993 (32p)
A family finds they can prepare a big meal by working together.
I Pretend
by Heidi Goennel
Tambourine 1995 (32p)
A child's imagination turns ordinary moments into adventures.
Frog on His Own
by Mercer Mayer
Dial 1973 (32p) also paper
A frog leaves his friends behind for an afternoon of adventure.
I Want to Be an Astronaut
by Byron Barton
Crowell 1988 (32p) also paper
A boy wants to be an astronaut so he can fly into space.
by Nancy Tafuri
Greenwillow 1988 (32p)
A boy dreams he is taking a walk through the jungle.

Books for Teachers to Read Aloud

Something Special
by David McPhail
Little 1988 (32p) also paper
Sam, the youngest in a raccoon family, sets out to discover his own special talent.
by Karen Lynn Williams
Lothrop 1990 (32p) also paper
A small African boy collects wire to make a toy car.
The Gumdrop Tree
by Elizabeth Spurr
Hyperion 1994 (32p)
A girl determined to grow a gumdrop tree plants a bag of gumdrops.
General Store
by Rachel Field
Greenwillow 1988 (24p)
In this poem, a girl imagines running a general store.
Let Me Do It
by Janice Gibala-Broxholm
Bradbury 1994 (32p)
Katie shows her family that she can do things on her own.
The Little Engine That Could
by Watty Piper
Putman 1930 (48p) also paper
A small train engine helps get food and toys to children waiting in a valley. Available in Spanish asLa pequeña locomotora que si pudo.
Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel
by Virginia Lee Burton
Houghton 1939 (44p) also paper
Mike and his steam shovel, Mary Anne, don't give up when they lose their job.
No Good in Art
by Miriam Cohen
Greenwillow 1980 (32p) Dell 1986 paper
Jim discovers that he can draw despite his fear that he has no artistic talent.
Ollie Knows Everything
by Abby Levine
Whitman 1994 (32p)
Herbert is proud of his older brother, Ollie, who is good at everything.
by Bernard Ashley
Crown 1991 (32p)
Ling Sung discovers that just like everyone else in his class, he has a special talent.
Shy Charles
by Rosemary Wells
Dial 1988 (32p) Puffin 1992 paper
A shy mouse overcomes his fear of strangers when his baby-sitter has an accident.
“Take Care of Things,” Edward Said
by Helen E. Buckley
Lothrop 1991 (32p)
When his older brother goes to school Tom discovers he can handle things at home.
The Wimp
by Kathy Caple
Houghton 1994 (32p)
Arnold, a pig, stands up to the bullies who have been picking on him.
Little Mo
by Martin Waddell
Candlewick 1993 (32p)
After slipping and sliding and getting bumped, a bear learns to skate all by herself.

Books for Shared Reading

Pretend You're a Cat
by Jean Marzollo
Dial 1990 (32p)
A group of children engage in imaginative play by imitating all sorts of animals.
Clap Your Hands
by Lorinda Bryan Cauley
Putnam 1992 (32p)
Rhyming text describes children participating in many fun activities.
Flap Your Wings and Try
by Charlotte Pomerantz
Greenwillow 1988 (24p)
A young bird needs the help of his family when he is learning to fly.
I Can
by Susan Winter
Dorling Kindersley 1993 (24p)
A little sister wants to do everything her older brother can do.
I Can Count to 100…Can You?
by Katherine Howard
Random 1979 paper (32p)
A mouse demonstrates how to count from one to one hundred.
I Can't Get My Turtle to Move
by Elizabeth Lee O'Donnell
Morrow 1989 (32p)
A girl can't get her turtle to move until she offers him lunch.
I Wish I Could Fly
by Ron Maris
Greenwillow 1986 (32p) Scholastic 1993 paper
A turtle wants to do all the things his friends can do.
by Kimberly Knutson
Macmillan 1993 (32p)
Three children's imaginations lead them into adventure on a fall afternoon.
What Do I Do?
by Norma Simon
Whitman 1969 (40p)
A little girl describes what she does each day. Text in English and Spanish.