Books For Independent Reading

Books for the Library Corner

newCock-A-Doodle-Doo: A Farmyard Counting Book
by Steve Lavis
Lodestar 1997 (32p)
After one rooster crows the morning in, two hungry horses neigh and three cows moo, until ten different animals are woofing, oinking, and quacking noisily on the farm.
newDucks Like to Swim
by Agnes Verboven
Orchard 1997 (32p)
When a mother duck discovers that her pond is drying up, she and the other farm animals quack and crow and neigh and baa, hoping to make it rain.
Minerva Louise at School
by Janet Stoeke Morgan
Dutton 1996 (24p)
Out for a walk one morning, the hen Minerva Louise mistakes a school for a fancy barn in this humorous story.
Down on Casey's Farm
by Sandra Jordan
Orchard 1996 (32p)
As a young boy plays with his toy farm animals, his imagination transforms them into real animals that he can see and hear.
by Craig Brown
(Social studies)
Greenwillow 1995 (24p)
A farmer uses his tractor to plant, harvest, and tow his crop of corn to a roadside stand.
The Barn Party
by Nancy Tafuri
Greenwillow 1995 (32p)
Cristina's birthday is celebrated with a party in the barn attended by all of the animals.
I'm Going to Be a Farmer
by Edith Kunhardt
(Social studies)
Scholastic 1996 (32p) paper
Nathan spends a busy day on his family's farm feeding the animals, riding the tractor, and picking vegetables.

Books for Teacher Read Aloud

newThe Great Pig Escape
by Eileen Christelow
Clarion 1994 (32p) also paper
Overhearing a farmer and his wife making plans to sell them at the market, a group of pigs plot an escape to Florida.
newThe Snow Lambs
by Debi Gliori
(Social Studies)
Scholastic 1996 (34p)
Sam worries about his sheepdog Bess being out in a snow storm, but the dog returns in the middle of the night with a missing ewe.
The Spotty Pig
by Dick King-Smith
Farrar 1997 (32p)
Peter, a spotty piglet who doesn't like his spots, tries hard to get rid of them , but the spots just keep getting bigger as he grows.
Is There Room on the Feather Bed?
by Libba Moore Gray
Orchard 1997 (32p)
Two by two, a duck, a sheep, a pig, a dog, a cow, a cat, a goose, and a hen all crowd into a wee couple's featherbed to escape the rain in this funny cumulative tale.
Mrs. Brown Went to Town
by Wong Herbert Yee
Houghton 1996 (32p)
When Mrs. Brown goes to the town hospital, all of her farm animals move into the house.
This and That
by Julie Sykes
Holt 1996 (32p)
Cat collects “this and that” from the barnyard animals to make a bed for her new kittens.
Hilda Hen's Search
by Mary Wormell
Harcourt 1995 (32p)
On her birthday morning, Hilda the hen discovers lots of birthday gifts from her farmyard friends.

Books for Shared Reading

new Over on the Farm
by Christopher Gunson
Scholastic 1997 (32p)
Children count to ten and act out the actions of farmyard animals and their offspring in this bright rhyme, modeled after the old favorite “Over in the Meadow.”
newBarnyard Song
by Rhonda Gowler Greene
Atheneum 1997 (40p)
When the barnyard animals catch the flu, their usual crows, oinks, baas, and moos turn into sniffs, honks, screeches, and wheezes.
Hilda Hen's Scary Night
by Mary Wormell
Harcourt 1996 (32p)
On her way to the henhouse after dark, Hilda mistakes ordinary farmyard objects for monsters and other spooky things.
Cock-A-Doodle -Moo!
by Bernard Most
Harcourt 1996 (40p)
When a rooster comes down with laryngitis, a cow's cries of cock-a-doodle-moo make the farm animals wake up laughing.
Old McDonald Had a Farm
by Carol Jones
Houghton 1989 (32p)
A favorite song becomes a game as children look through the peephole for each animal.
I Heard Said the Bird
by Polly Berrien Berends
Dial 1995 (32p)
The barnyard animals all try to figure out the identity of the new arrival on the farm.
Who Wakes Rooster?
by Clare Hodgson Meeker
Simon 1996 (32p)
When the sun doesn't shine to wake rooster to crow in the morning, the animals on the farm stay asleep.

Now Available in Paperback

newThe Surprise Family
by Lynn Reiser
newBarnyard Banter
by Denise Fleming
A Hat for Minerva Louise
by Janet M. Stoeke
My Hen Is Dancing
by Karen Wallace
Smart, Clean Pigs
by Allan Fowler

Now Available as a Big Book

Big Red Barn
by Margaret Wise Brown
Rosie's Walk
by Pat Hutchins
Smart, Clean Pigs
by Alan Fowler
Have You Seen My Duckling?
by Nancy Tafuri
The New Baby Calf
by Edith Newlin Chase

Now Available in Spanish

newRosie's Walk (El paseo de Rosie)
by Pat Hutchins
Big Red Barn (El gran granero rojo)
by Margaret Wise Brown
You Silly Goose (Gansa tonta)
by Ellen Stoll Walsh