Books For Independent Reading

Books For the Library Corner

newMy Love for You
by Susan Roth
Dial 1997 (32p)
Two mice count up to ten as they decide that their love for each other is bigger than one bear, taller than two giraffes, larger than three blue whales, and so on.
newI Had a Hippopotamus
by Hector Viveros Lee
Lee & Low 1996 (32p)
A box of animal crackers inspires a Mexican American boy to imagine giving the different animals, if they were real, to members of his family. Available in Spanish as Yo tenía un hipopótamo.
If I Had a Robot
by Dan Yaccarino
Viking 1996 (32p)
A boy imagines the advantages of owning a robot, including having it eat his brussels sprouts, take his bath, and kiss his Aunt Louise.
I'll Catch the Moon
by Nina Crews
Greenwillow 1996 (32p)
One night, a young girl imagines climbing out of her bedroom window and up to the moon.
I Like Me!
by Deborah Connor Coker
Western Publishing 1995 (24p)
An African American girl named Nia Natasha Sierra Sims tells the things she likes about herself.
by Catherine and Laurence Anholt
Candlewick 1992 (32p) also paper
A question-and-answer format celebrates the different things children like and do.
“Hi, Pizza Man!”
by Virginia Walter
Orchard 1995 (32p)
As they wait for a pizza, a girl plays a game with her mother in which she imagines different animals delivering the pizza.

Books for Teacher Read Aloud

newMy Backpack
by Maryann Cocca-Leffler
Boyds Mills 1997 (32p)
In this rhyming story, a boy fills his backpack with all sorts of things, including his mother's keys, his brother's baseball mitt, and his father's glasses.
newSomething Special
by Nicola Moon
Peachtree 1997 (32p)
An African American boy named Charlie brings something special -- his new baby sister -- to school for show-and-tell.
Me on the Map
by Joan Sweeney
(Social Studies)
Crown 1996 (32p)
In an introduction to maps, a child describes how her room, her house, her town, her state, and her country become part of a map of her world.
My Steps
by Sally Derby
Lee & Low 1996 (32p)
An African American girl describes the different games she and her friends play on the steps in front of her home.
Dragon Tooth
by Cathryn Falwell
Clarion 1996 (32p)
Sarah has a wiggly loose tooth, but she's not quite ready for her papa to help it come out.
A Book for Woody
by Nicholas Heller
Greenwillow 1995 (32p)
Woody has trouble choosing one book out of six to read, since they all seem equally appealing.
Why a Disguise?
by Laura Numeroff
Simon 1996 (24p)
A boy discovers that a disguise comes in handy for many reasons, including playing hide-and-seek and avoiding eating lima beans at dinner time.

Books for Shared Reading

newStar of the Circus
by Michael & Mary Beth Sampson
Holt 1997 (28p)
One by one, consecutively larger circus animals each claim that they are the star of the circus in this repetitive story.
newABC I Like Me!
by Nancy Carlson
Viking 1997 (32p)
Beginning with “I am awesome, brave, and cheerful,” a pig and her friends romp through the alphabet, telling all the reasons they have to feel good about themselves.
Contrary Mary
by Anita Jeram
Candlewick 1995 (24p) also paper
When a mouse named Mary puts her shoes on the wrong feet and her hat on backward, it's the beginning of a contrary day.
Now I'm Big
by Margaret Miller
Greenwillow 1996 (32p)
Photographs record what children could do when they were smaller versus when they are bigger.
Fly with the Birds
by Richard Owens
Orchard 1996 (32p)
In playful rhymes, a child narrates the events of her day, from waking up and dressing to bedtime and drreaming.
Mine's the Best
by Crosby Bonsall
Harper 1996 (32p)
Two boys carrying identical balloons argue over whose is better.

Now Available in Paperback

Kindergarten Kids
by Ellen B. Senisi
I Am Six
by Ann Morris
I Like Books
by Anthony Browne
Andrew's Bath
by David McPhail
Hats Off to Hair!
by Virginia Kroll
One,Two,Three, Count With Me
by Catherine and Laurence Anholt
What Makes Me Happy?
by Catherine and Laurence Anholt
by Audrey Wood

Now Available as a Big Book

Mama, Do You Love Me?
by Barbara Joosse
I Am an Explorer
by Amy Moses
Just Like Me
by Barbara J. Neasi
I Like Me!
by Nancy White Carlstrom

Now Available in Spanish

I Like Me! (¡Me gusto como soy!)
by Nancy Carlson

Now Out of Print

All I Am
by Eileen Roe