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Birdie's Lighthouse
by Deborah Hopkinson
Atheneum 1997 (32p)
When her father suddenly falls ill, young Birdie is the only one who can tend the lighthouse in the midst of a violent storm.

Trapped by the Ice: Shackleton's Amazing Antarctic Adventure
by Michael McCurdy
Walker 1997 (40p)
When Sir Ernest Shackelton sets out to be the first to cross the Southern Polar Cap, his ship and crew are stranded miles from nowhere in a sea of ice, and it takes them two harrowing years to get back to civilization.

Kayuktuk: An Arctic Quest
by Brian Heinz
Chronicle 1996 (40p)
A young Inupiat boy must cross the icy tundra to prove himself a brave and successful trapper.

On Board the Titanic: An I Was There Book
by Shelly Tanaka
(Social studies)
Hyperion 1996 (48p)
The sinking of the Titanic is seen from the perspectives of passenger Jack Thayer and wireless operator Harold Bride, who, with other survivors, spend a cold night struggling to keep their lifeboat afloat.

Kate Shelley: Bound for Legend
by Robert San Souci
(social studies)
Dial 1995 (32p)
In Iowa in 1881, teenager Kate Shelley risked her life to warn the crew of an oncoming train of a train wreck ahead in this true story that has become legend.

The True Adventure of Daniel Hall
by Diane Stanley
(social studies)
Dial 1995 (40p)
After Daniel Hall joins the crew of a whaling vessel in 1856, he deserts ship to avoid a cruel captain and finds himself struggling to survive the bitter cold and wild animals of Siberia.


White Water
by P. J. Petersen
Simon 1997 (107p)
Greg, reluctantly on a rafting trip with his father, must summon strength he didn't know he had when his father is bitten by a rattlesnake and it's up to Greg to save him.

Inside the Titanic: A Giant Cutaway Book
by Ken Marshall
Little 1997 (32p)
Highly detailed cutaway illustrations add realism and excitement to this story of several children who sailed aboard the ill-fated ship.

Danger in the Desert
by T. S. Fields
Northland 1997 (136p)
Two boys who escape their kidnappers try to survive in the desert with only what they can retrieve from an abandoned station wagon: a pair of shoes, a set of hubcaps, and the contents of several shopping bags.

Over the Top of the World: Explorer Will Steger's Trek Across the Arctic
by Will Steger and Jon Bowermaster
Scholastic 1997 (64p)
In 1994, Stegner was one of a six-member team who made a rigorous journey by dogsled and canoe-sled across the Arctic Ocean, from Siberia to the northern edge of Canada.

by Avi
Orchard 1995 (147p)
In this animal fantasy, Poppy, a deer mouse, wants to move her family close to a corn field with plentiful food, but Mr. Ocax, and owl and self-proclaimed king of Dimwood Forest, has other plans.

by Peg Kehret
Cobblehill 1996 (144p)
A young boy must try to save himself and his disabled sister first from an earthquake and then the flood it causes.

Titanic Crossing
by Barbara Williams
Dial 1995 (160p)
A passenger on the Titanic, thirteen-year-old Albert wonders if he can save his sister's life--and his own.

Women of the Lights
by Candace Fleming
(social studies)
Whitman 1995 (80p)
Four lighthouse keepers--Ida Lewis, Kate Walker, Harriet Colfax, and Emily Fish--routinely risked their lives to save the lives of people and sometimes animals endangered by stormy seas.


Julie's Wolf Pack
by Jean Craighead George
Harper 1997 (208p)
Julie of Julie of the Wolves is back home with her family, but her wolf pack, led now by the inexperienced Kapu, faces dangers from both inside and outside the pack.

My Palace of Leaves in Sarajevo
by Marybeth Lorbiecki
Dial 1997 (56p)
A ten-year-old girl in Sarajevo writes letters to her American cousin describing what it is like growing up in a war zone.

I Am the Ice Worm
by MaryAnn Easley
Boyds Mills 1996 (128p)
When her plane crashes near the Arctic Circle, fourteen-year-old Allison is rescued by the Iñupiat and goes to live in their village, where she is known as the "ice worm," the outsider.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place
by Alden R. Carter
Scholastic 1995 (272p)
Mark and his diabetic cousin Randy hope that a camping and canoeing trip will help them learn to get along better, but the trip turns into a struggle for their lives.

Brian's Winter
by Gary Paulsen
Delacorte 1996 (193p)
In response to queries from many readers, the author writes the story of what might have happened to Brian Robeson of Hatchet had he not been rescued after surviving a plane crash in the north Canadian woods.

The Fear Place
by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
Atheneum 1994 (128p)
The intense rivalry between two brothers leads to a life-threatening situation in which Doug must overcome his fear of heights to save his brother's life.

Hiding to Survive: Stories of Jewish Children Rescued from the Holocaust
by Maxine B. Rosenberg
(social studies)
Clarion 1994 (166p)
At a conference in New York in 1991, fourteen people who had escaped the Nazis told how they were hidden as children in monastaries, convents, attics, closets, and even a converted chicken coop in order to survive.


Beyond the Western Sea, Book One: The Escape from Home
by Avi
Orchard 1996 (304p)
Fleeing poverty and cruelty, an Irish brother and sister and their landlord's son make their way to Liverpool, hoping to sail to America, but many adventures await them before they can set sail.

Beyond the Western Sea, Book Two: Lord Kirkle's Money
by Avi
Orchard 1996 (400p)
In the continuation of their adventures, Maura and Patrick O'Connell and Sir Laurence Kirkle survive a dangerous ocean voyage and arrive in Lowell, Massachusetts, where they hope to start new lives.

Now Available in Spanish

My Side of the Mountain (Mi rincón en la montaña)
by Jean Craighead George
Penguin Ediciones

Zlata's Diary: A Child's Life in Sarajevo (Diario de Zlata)
by Zlata Filipovic

Baseball Saved Us (Beisbol nos salvo)
by Ken Mochizuki
Lee & Low

The Call of the Wild (La llamada de los salvaje)
by Jack London

Zlata's Diary (Diario de Zlata)
by Zlata Filipovic

Now Available in Paperback

by Avi

Beyond the Western Sea, Book One: The Escape from Home
by Avi

by Gary Paulsen

The Fear Place
by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Climb or Die
by Edward Myers

A Picture Book of Anne Frank
by David A. Adler

The Titanic
by Deborah Kent

by Jean Craighead George

Winter Camp
by Kirkpatrick Hill

Zlata's Diary: A Child's Life in Sarajevo
by Zlata Filipovic

On the Far Side of the Mountain
by Jean Craighead George

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