Ocean Quest

Books for Independent Reading


The Magic Schoolbus on the Ocean Floor
by Joanna Cole
Scholastic 1992 (48p) also paper
Mz. Frizzle and her class turn a beach trip into an ocean adventure. Available in Spanish as El autobús mágico en el fondo del mar.

Exploring Saltwater Habitats
by Sue Smith
Mondo 1994 (24p)
Explores barrier reefs, tidal pools, and kelp forests.

Our Amazing Ocean
by David Adler
Troll 1983 (32p) paper
Discusses the depth, tides, saltiness, and the animal and plant life of the ocean. Available in Spanish as Mar y sus maravillas.

Shark Lady: True Adventures of Eugenie Clark
by Ann McGovern
(Social Studies)
Scholastic 1991 (96p); also paper
A biography of the famed expert on sharks.

The Desert Beneath the Sea
by Ann McGovern and Eugenie Clarke
Scholastic 1991 (48 pp)
Marine biologist Clarke invites readers to explore a coral reef.

Ocean Animals in Danger
by Gary Turbak
Nothtland 1994 (32p)
The author showcases ten ocean animals facing extinction.

Finding the Titanic
by Robert Ballard
Madison 1993 (48p)
Ballard describes how he found the Titanic, in 1985, 12,000 feet below the sea.


Sunken Treasure
by Gail Gibbons
Harper 1988 (32p); also paper
Describes the search for the Spanish galleon, the Atocha.

Beneath the Waves: Exploring the Hidden World of the Kelp Forest
by Norbert Wu
Chronicle 1992 (40p)
The structure of kelp and the creatures who live within and prey upon it.

Exploring an Ocean Tide Pool
by Jeanne Bendick
Holt 1992 (56p)
Describes the plant and animal life in tide pools and their interrelatedness.

A Day in the Life of a Marine Biologist
by David Paige
(Social Studies)
Troll 1981 (32p) paper
A marine biologist gathers samples, charts animal behavior, and works on her own research project.

Nine True Dolphin Stories
by Margaret Davidson
Scholastic 1990 (64p)
True stories about one of the most beloved sea creatures.

Jacques-Yves Cousteau: Undersea Adventurer
by Susan Sinnott
Childrens 1992 (128p)
Details the life of Cousteau and his work aboard the research ship Calypso.

Killer Whales
by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent
Holiday 1993 (32p)
Describes the territory, habits, and life cycle of killer whales.

Window on the Deep: The Adventures of Underwater Explorer Sylvia Earle
by Andrea Conley (Social Studies) Watts 1991 (40p) Diving record-holder Earle explores the mysteries of the ocean.


by David Macaulay
Houghton 1993 (90p)
Underwater archaeologists search for a long-lost caravel in the reefs of the Caribbean Sea.

Safari Beneath the Sea
by Diane Swanson
Sierra Club 1994 (64p)
The author explores the waters of the North Pacific, from Oregon to Alaska.

Incredible Facts About the Ocean: How We Use It, How We Abuse It
by W. Wright Robinson
Dillon 1990 (128p)
Explains how the ocean is used today and how it may be used in the future.

Pioneering Ocean Depths
by Sandra Markle
Atheneum 1995 (48p)
Discusses the use of sonar and submersibles to explore the ocean and seafloor.

Aquarium: Bringing the Seas Inside
by Linda Capus Riley
Childrens 1994 (80p)
Focuses on the Thomas J. Kean New Jersey Aquarium to show the development of a state-of-the art aquarium.

Watch Out for Sharks
by Caroline Arnold
Clarion 1994 (48p); also paper
Depicts the world of these predators of the sea.

Shipwrecks: Terror and Treasure
by Kathryn Humphrey
(Social Studies)
Watts 1991 (64p)
Stories of the shipwrecks of the Mary Rose, the Concepción, the Titanic and the modern-day hunt for them and their cargo.

Lobsters: Gangsters of the Sea
by Mary Cerullo
Cobblehill 1994 (64p)
Discusses the curious and combative lobster, known for stealing bait from traps and homes from other lobsters.

Survival: At Sea
by Susan Landsman
(Social Studies)
Avon 1994 (112p)
Stories about people who've been lost at sea and lived to tell about it.

Deep-Sea Vents: Living Worlds Without Sun
by John F. Waters
Cobblehill 1994 (48p)
Describes new life forms found in heated water escaping from holes in the ocean floor.

The Lost Wreck of the Isis
by Robert Ballard
(Social Studies)
Scholastic 1992 (64p)
The discovery and exploration of an ancient Roman shipwreck.

The Great Barrier Reef: A Living Laboratory
by Rebecca Johnson
Lerner 1991 (64p)
A firsthand account of research at a marine institute on Australia's Great Barrier Reef. Available in Spanish as La gran barrera de arrecifes.

Exploring the Titanic
by Robert Ballard
Scholastic 1991 (64p) also paper
Ballard describes his search for the world's greatest shipwreck.

Dolphins and Porpoises
by Janelle Hatherly and Delia Nicholls
Facts on File 1990 (72p)
Explains why dolphins and porpoises remain a source of wonder.

The Dying Sea
by Michael Bright
Watts 1992 (32p)
Discusses dredging, overfishing, pollution, and other threats to the sea.

Save Our Oceans and Coasts
by Ron Hirschi
(Social Studies)
Bantam 1993 (72p) paper
Discusses the inhabitants of the sea and coastal areas and the threats to their survival.

Sunk! Exploring Underwater Archaeology
Runestone Press 1994 (72p)
Explains the techniques used by underwater archaeologists to study the remains of ancient ships.


The Mysterious Undersea World
by Jan L. Cook
National Geographic 1980 (104p)
A fascinating and detailed glimpse at the inhabitants of the world's oceans.

by Thor Heyerdahl
The author and his crew sail the Pacific on a balsa raft to prove a scientific theory.

Sea Jellies: Rainbows In the Sea
by Elizabeth Gowell
Watts 1993 (56p)
An up-close look at one of the sea's most unusual creatures.

Seafaring Women
by Linda Grant DePauw
(Social Studies)
Houghton 1982 (256p)
Discusses women at sea throughout history as pirates, warriors, whalers, and traders.

The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle
by Avi
Orchard 1990 (224p); Avon 1992 paper
Charlotte's voyage, bringing her home from England to Rhode Island, changes her forever.

Books for Teachers to Read Aloud

The Wreck of the Barque Stefano Off the North West Cape of Australia in 1875
by Gustave Rathe
(Social Studies)
Farrar 1992 (144p)
True story of the author's grandfather who, as a teenager, survived a shipwreck.

The Sea Is Calling Me
by Lee Bennett Hopkins
Harcourt 1986 (48p)
A collection of poems related to the sea.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
by Jules Verne
Scholastic 1992 (286p) paper
The science fiction classic about the submarine Nautilus and its inventor Captain Nemo. Available in Spanish as 20.000 leguas de viaje submarino.

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