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Big Blue Whale
by Nicola Davies
Candlewick 1997 (32p)
The author tells about and the illustrator paints the big blue whale, the biggest creature ever to have lived on Earth.

Orcas Around Me: My Alaskan Summer
by Debra Page
Whitman 1997 (40p)
Fishing on their boats in Southeastern Alaska, Taiga and his family have an unforgettable encounter with a killer whale.

by Philip Sauvain
Carolrhoda 1997 (32p)
In text accompanied by photos, charts, and activities, readers are introduced to salt-water ecosystems.

Informania: Sharks
by Christopher Maynard
Candlewick 1997 (80p)
This book, first in the new Informania series, relates the latest news and views of of sharks, the ocean's fiercest and most feared hunters.

The Whales
by Cynthia Rylant
Scholastic Blue Sky 1996 (40p)
Through lyrical text and beautiful paintings, the author/illustrator pays tribute to the various types of whales still found in the world's oceans.

Our Oceans: Experiments and Activities in Marine Science
by Paul Fleisher
Millbrook 1995 (80p)
In this interactive book, students learn about oceanography and the importance of maintaining clean oceans.

A City Under the Sea: Life in a Coral Reef
by Norbert Wu
Atheneum 1996 (28p)
Through his text and photographs, Wu shows how over thousands of years coral reefs become the homes of a vast variety of sea creatures.

Blue Water Journal: The Voyage of the Sea Tiger
by Loretta Krupinski
Harper 1995 (32p)
Young Benjamin Slocum keeps a journal of his voyage by clipper ship from Boston to Hawaii in 1860.

Record Breakers of the Sea
by Rupert Matthews
Troll 1990 (32p) paper
The author provides answers to questions about record breakers in, under, and on the water, such as what is the largest fish and what was the longest sea journey.


The Shell Book
by Barbara Hirsch Lember
Houghton 1997 (32p)
The author/photographer reveals the beauty in the variety of sea shells found along the shores of the United States.

The Mermaid and Other Sea Poems
by Sophie Windham
Scholastic 1996 (24p)
A collection of poems--some serious, some humorous--by British and American poets.

Barnacles Eat With Their Feet: Delicious Facts About the Tide Pool Food Chain
by Sherry Shahan
Millbrook 1996 (32p)
Colorful photographs and simple text explain the physical characteristics and habits of a tide pool's various inhabitants.

Coral Reefs: Earth's Undersea Treasures
by Laurence Pringle
Simon 1995 (48p)
The authors discusses the fish and other ocean life that inhabit coral reefs and offers solutions to prevent the destruction of reefs from pollution.

Looking Inside Sunken Treasure
by Ron Schultz
Muir 1995 (48p)
Underwater archaeologists explore sunken ships, despite the dangers, to preserve these treasures and to learn from them.

Voyager's Stone: The Adventures of a Message-Carrying Bottle Adrift on the Ocean Floor
by Robert Kraske
Orchard 1995 (96p)
A bottle tossed into the ocean by a boy on a Caribbean island drifts through numerous oceans and currents and encounters many of the sea's inhabitants before being found by an Aborigine girl in Australia.


The New Book of Treasures Under the Sea
by Dr. Francis Dipper
Millbrook 1997 (32p)
Computer-generated artwork makes the latest discoveries about plant and marine life, shipwrecks, and buried treasures seem incredibly real.

Sharks! True Stories and Legends
by Catherine Gourley
Millbrook 1996 (96p)
This anthology contains real shark encounters as well as fictional ones from such stories as The Old Man and the Sea and Kon-Tiki.

The Octopus: Phantom of the Sea
by Mary M. Cerullo
Cobblehill 1997 (64p)
Provides fascinating information and photographs of octopuses and other cephalopods including the cuttlefish, the squid, and the chambered nautilus.

Beneath Blue Waters: Meetings with Remarkable Deep-sea Creatures
by Deborah Kovacs and Kate Madin
Viking 1996 (64p)
Photographs taken during expeditions of the research subs Sea-Link and Alvin reveal some of the remarkable inhabitants of the deep sea.

Coral Reef: A City That Never Sleeps
by Mary Cerullo
Cobblehill 1996 (64p)
This photo essay explores the thousands of inhabitants of a coral reef from the colorful daytime feeders to the nighttime feeders that rely on all senses except eyesight to elude predators.

Humpback Whales: Traveling on the Wings of a Song
by Francois Gohier
Silver 1994 (40p) also paper
A colorful photo essay explores the world of this endangered marine mammal. See also A Pod of Gray Whales by the same author.

Sharks: Challengers of the Deep
by Mary Cerullo
Cobblehill 1993 (64p)
The author details the physical characteristics and behavior of these feared and often misunderstood sea creatures and dispels some myths about them.

Mysteries of the Ocean Deep
by Dr. Frances Dipper
Millbrook 1996 (40p)
The depths of the ocean and its mysteries, including the Bermuda Triangle and the Kraken myth, are explored using the latest in modern technology.

Under the Sea
edited by Frank H. Talbot
The Nature Company/Time-Life 1995 (64p)
Explores all the facets of the Earth's underwater realm, including sunken treasure and current ecological threats.

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The Desert Beneath the Sea
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by Michael Bright

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Safari Beneath the Sea
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