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Books for Independent Reading


The Wonderful Towers of Watts
by Patricia Zelver
Tambourine 1994 (32p)
Simon Rodia created three towering monuments in a Los Angeles neighborhood.

Beethoven Lives Upstairs
by Barbara Nichol
Orchard 1994 (48p)
Ten-year-old Christoph writes to his uncle about the "madman" who has moved into their house.

by Ursula Le Guin
Orchard 1988 (48p)
Scholastic 1992 paper
Four young cats with wings leave their home in search of safety and kind humans.

Linnea in Monet's Garden
by Christina Bjork
Farrar 1987 (56p)
Linnea explores Impressionism and the works of Monet and Manet.

Great Black Heroes: Five Outstanding Inventors
by Wade Hudson
Scholastic 1995 (48p)
Stories about Garrett Morgan, Elijah McCoy, Jan Matzeliger, Madame C. J. Walker, and Granville Woods.

by Jeanette and Jonah Winter
Knopf 1994 (40p)
also paper
The life and work of muralist Diego Rivera. Text in English and Spanish.


Talking with Artists
by Pat Cummings
Bradbury 1992 (96p)
The author/artist interviews other children's book illustrators.

The Wizard of Oz
by L. Frank Baum
Puffin 1983 (192p)
other editions
Dorothy tries to make her way back to Kansas from the Land of Oz. Available in Spanish as El mago de Oz.

Oh, the Places He Went: A Story about Dr. Seuss
by Maryann N. Weidt
Carolrhoda 1994 (64p)
The life story of the author of some of literature's most memorable books and characters.

The Librarian Who Measured the Earth
by Kathryn Lasky
Little 1994 (48p)
The story of Eratosthenes, a curious boy who grew up to write the first geography book.

Starting Home: The Story of Horace Pippin, Painter
by Mary E. Lyons
Macmillan 1993 (48p)
The life story of a self-taught African American folk artist.

The Picture History of Great Inventors
by Gillian Clements
Knopf 1994 (80p)
A decade-by-decade look at the world's great inventors and their inventions.

The Master Violin Maker
by Paul Fleisher
Houghton 1993 (32p)
Artisan John Larrimore creates a violin using tools and methods hundreds of years old.


The Will and the Way: Paul R. Williams, Architect
by Karen E. Hudson
Rizzoli 1994 (64p)
The author's grandfather designed over 3000 buildings around the world, including homes of Beverly Hills movie stars.

Incredible Cross-Sections
by Richard Platt
Knopf 1992 (32p)
Cross-section drawings of some of the world's most fascinating and ingenious structures. Available in Spanish as Del interior de las cosas.

Bill Peet: An Autobiography
by Bill Peet
Houghton 1989 (192p)
The author's life story, including his years with the Disney Studio.

by Janet Taylor Lisle
Orchard 1993 (160p)
Twelve-year-old Amber tries to make peace between an intelligent community of squirrels and human society.

Frank Lloyd Wright for Kids
by Kathleen Thorne-Thomsen
Independent Publishers 1994 (144p)
The life and work of the famed architect and designer.

The Ink-Keeper's Apprentice
by Allen Say
Houghton 1994 (192p)
The author writes about his early life as an apprentice to a famous cartoonist.

by Lionel Bender
Knopf 1991 (64p)
The evolution of tools devised by humans, from the abacus to the silicon chip. Available in Spanish as Los inventos.

The Bellmaker
by Brian Jacques
Philomel 1995 (352p)
In the latest of the Redwall series, Joseph the Bellmaker is concerned for the safety of his daughter Mariel.

Georgia O'Keeffe
by Robyn Montana Turner
Little 1991 (32p)
also paper
The life of artist Georgia O'Keeffe, famous for her paintings of the Southwest.

The Neverending Story
by Michael Ende
Puffin 1993 (448p)
also paper
Bastian Balthazar Bux becomes a hero in the enchanted world of Fantasia. Available in Spanish as La historia interminable.

Patrick DesJarlait: Conversations with a Native American Artist as recorded
by Neva Williams
Runestone 1995 (56p)
The author's recorded interviews with the late Chippewa artist.

The Mennyms
by Sylvia Waugh
Greenwillow 1994 (216p)
The Mennym family have a good reason to remain aloof from their neighbors.

Afternoon of the Elves
by Janet Taylor Lisle
Orchard 1989 (128p)
Apple 1991 paper
Sarah-Kate's new friend Hillary thinks she has found an elf village in her backyard.

Dorothea Lange
by Robyn Montana Turner
Little 1994 (32p)
The story of the photographer famous for her Depression-era photographs.

Tom's Midnight Garden
by Philippa Pearce
Harper 1959 (240p)
also paper
In this classic, Tom slips into the midnight garden when the clock strikes thirteen.

Jazz, My Music, My People
by Morgan Monceaux
Knopf 1994 (64p)
Through his paintings, the author celebrates the men and women of jazz.


Flying Machines
by Andrew Nahun
Knopf 1990 (64p)
Our determination to fly, from Icarus to Leonardo to modern jets. Available in Spanish as Máquinas voladoras.

Starting From Home: A Writer's Beginnings
by Milton Meltzer
Puffin 1991 (160p)
The children's author dicusses his life and writing.

Lives of the Musicians: Good Times, Bad Times (and What the Neighbors Thought)
by Kathleen Krull
Harcourt 1993 (96p)
Informative and amusing insights into the lives of several musicians, including Beethoven and Mozart.

The Willows in Winter
by William Horwood
St. Martin's 1994 (304p)
The author takes Grahame's characters from The Wind in the Willows on new adventures.

A Wrinkle in Time
by Madeline L'Engle
Farrar 1962 (224p)
Dell 1976 paper
Charles and Meg's search for their father leads them to the planet of Camazotz. Available in Spanish as Una arruga en el tiempo.

Bridge to Terabithia
by Katherine Paterson
Harper 1977 (144p)
also paper
In this classic, two lonely children become friends before tragedy strikes. Available in Spanish as Un puento hasta terabithia.

The Wrestling Game
by Ellen Raskin
Dutton 1978 (192p)
Puffin 1992 paper
An eccentric millionaire leaves a puzzling will in this perenial children's favorite.

Books for Teachers to Read Aloud

The Wind in the Willows
by Kenneth Grahame
Scribner's 1983 (256p)
many paper editions
The humorous adventures of Water Rat, Mole, Toad, and Badger. Available in Spanish as El viento en los sauces.

The Twenty-One Balloons
by William Pène du Bois
Viking 1947 (192p)
many paper editions
Professor Sherman leaves San Francisco in a balloon in 1883, hoping to be the first man to cross the Pacific. Available in Spanish as Los 21 globos.

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
by C. S. Lewis
Macmillan 1988 (224p)
also paper
Through a painting, Edmund and Lucy and their cousin Eustace enter the kingdom of Narnia. Available in Spanish as El viaje del Amanecer.

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