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Finding Common Ground

Books for Independent Reading


by John Steptoe
Clarion 1997 (32p)
When Charles befriends Hector, a new kid from Puerto Rico, he learns that despite their differences, they share much in common, including their ethnic ancestry.

Fort Chipewyan Homecoming: A Journey to Native Canada
by Morningstar Mercredi
Lerner 1996 (48p)
A twelve-year-old boy of divorced parents spends the summer with his mother, a Métis Indian, who takes him to Fort Chipewyan to learn more about his heritage.


Zucchini Out West
by Barbara Dana
Harper 1997 (192p)
Billy, who loves animals, is dismayed to learn that he may have to give up his pet, Zucchini, if it turns out that Zucchini is indeed a rare black-footed ferret.

by Andrew Clements
Simon 1996 (105p)
Nick and his teacher engage in a year-long battle when Nick, with the aid of his friends, insists that a pen should henceforth be called a frindle.

Dear Mrs. Parks: A Dialogue with Today's Youth
by Rosa Parks with Gregory J. Reed
Lee & Low 1996 (112p)
In her caring responses to young people's letters on a variety of issues, Rosa Parks provides motivation and inspiration.

Dakota Spring
by D. Anne Love
Holiday 1995 (90p)
When their mother dies, Jess and Caroline's grandmother comes from Charleston, South Carolina, to the Dakota prairie to care for them, but they can't believe this prim and proper woman could be their grandmother.

The Girls Get Even
by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
Delacorte 1993 (144p)
In their continuing adventures, the Hatford boys and their neighbors the Mallory girls still seek peaceful co-existence.


Littlejim's Dreams
by Gloria Houston
Harcourt 1997 (240p)
Littlejim wants more than anything to become a teacher like his Aunt Zony, but with his mother's illness and the timber company eyeing their property, his dream may not come true.

Saving Shiloh
by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
Atheneum 1997 (137p)
In the conclusion of the Shiloh trilogy, Marty tries to help Judd, believing that everyone deserves a second chance, but the community is not so sure that Judd can change.

Her Blue Straw Hat
by C. S. Adler
Harcourt 1997 (112p)
Rachel is looking forward to summer vacation, but starts to have doubts when her stepsister Tina shows up, with an unexpected friend.

Wild Horse Summer
by Hope Ryden
Clarion 1997 (160p)
Because she is frightened of horses and awkward around her blind cousin, Alison does not want to leave her home in Chicago to spend the summer on her aunt and uncle's ranch.

The Flight of Red Bird
by Doreen Rappaport
Dial 1997 (208p)
When Native American Zitkala-Sa is taken from her family in South Dakota and sent to school in Indiana, she is forced to give up her Yankton Sioux language and customs.

Shiloh Season
by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
Atheneum 1996 (120p)
In this sequel to Shiloh, Marty has to face the possibility that during hunting season his dog is once again in danger from Judd Travers.

Even Stephen
by Johanna Hurwitz
Morrow 1996 (112p)
Allison idolizes her older brother Stephen, even though she is sometimes jealous, but when tragedy strikes and Stephen encounters failure, it is Allison's turn to help him.

Courtyard Cat
by C. S. Adler
Clarion 1995 (172p)
Eleven-year-old Lindsay blames herself for the accident to her brother that forces her family to move to a city where she feels uncomfortable and friendless.

The In-Between Days
by Eve Bunting
Harper 1994 (96p)
When Georgie thinks his widowed father and younger brother are becoming too fond of a woman who visits the island where they live, he decides on a prank that will get rid of her.

Dog Friday
by Hilary McKay
McElderry 1995 (144p)
With the help of his new neighbors, the eccentric Robinson family, Robin Brogan overcomes his fear of dogs and saves a stray from being taken to the pound.

The Exiles
by Hilary McKay
McElderry 1992 (206p)
The four Conroy sisters, Ruth, Naomi, Rachel, and Phoebe, expect to have a boring time at their no-nonsense grandmother's house for the summer.


Birthday Surprises: Ten Great Stories to Unwrap
edited by Johanna Hurwitz
Morrow 1995 (128p)
These short stories by ten children's authors, all based on the theme of a child receiving a beautifully wrapped birthday present, show that the giver and the recipient don't always understand each other.

Prudence Crandall: Woman of Courage
by Elizabeth Yates
(social studies)
Boyds Mills 1996 (256p)
Now back in print is the courageous story of a young Quaker teacher who encountered fierce opposition when she opened a school for African American women in her hometown during the Civil War.

Now Available in Paperback

Good-bye, Billy Radish
by Gloria Skurzynski

by Janet Hickman

Grandpa's Mountain
by Carolyn Reeder

Thief of Hearts
by Laurence Yep

by Nina Bawden

Chevrolet Saturdays
by Candy Dawson Boyd

Missing May
by Cynthia Rylant

Yellow Bird and Me
by Joyce Hansen

An Occasional Cow
by Polly Horvath

by Michael Dorris

by Jean Craighead George

The Giver
Lois Lowry

Now Available in Spanish

The Giver (El dador)
by Lois Lowry

Somewhere in the Darkness (Un lugar entre las sombres)
by Walter Dean Myers

Now Out of Print

Cricket and the Crackerbox Kid
by Alane Ferguson
Available in paperback only.

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