Unwrapping Ancient Mysteries

Books for Independent Reading


Tutankhamen's Gift
by Robert Sabuda.
Atheneum l994 (32p)
The small, frail king worries that he has no gifts to offer the gods.

The Mummy's Tomb
by Robert Sabuda
Artists & Writers l994 (32p)
A pop-up book reveals the secrets of a tomb.

by Roy Gerrard
Farrar l994 (32p)
Hamut and his sister decode messages in hieroglyphics in this simple mystery.

Tut's Mummy: Lost . . . and Found
by Judy Donnelly
Random l988 (48p) paper
Describes the burial of Tut and the discovery of his tomb.

Pyramid Interactive Pack
Dorling Kindersley l994 (16p)
A press-out pyramid model, a game with playing pieces, and a hieroglyphics

The Tombs of the Pharaohs: A Three-Dimensional Discovery
by Sue Clarke
Hyperion l994 (10p)
An interactive, pyramid-shaped book with multilayered flaps and pullout

Growing Up in Ancient Egypt
by Rosalie David
Troll l993 (32p)
Focuses on young people and their clothing, education, housing. See others in

Gift of the Nile: An Ancient Egyptian Legend
by Jan Mike
Troll l992 (32p)
A slave befriends Pharaoh and becomes his trusted counsel. Cassette included.

Fossil Detective
by Joyce Pope
Troll 1994 (32p)
Discusses the nature and origin of fossils and their collection and study.


Frozen Man
by David Getz
Holt l994 (64p)
Scientists determine the age of a frozen body found in the Ötztal Alps.

City of the Gods: Mexico's Ancient City of Teotohuacàn
by Caroline Arnold
Clarion l994 (48p)
Aztec ruins outside Mexico City.

Writing and Arithmetic: Ancient Civilizations (3500-A.D.1)
by Paul Russell
Tambourine 1994 (48p)
How people wrote and computed in ancient civilizations of Asia, Europe, Africa,
and the Americas.

Ancient Egypt
by Robert Nicholson
Laredo l993. (32p)
A simple introduction to pharaohs and pyramids. Available in Spanish as El
antiguo Egipto

The Great Pyramid of Cheops
by Steve Thomsen
Childrens l991 (64p)
A walk through the pyramid to examine its structure.

Living with Dinosaurs
by Patricia Lauber
Macmillan l991 (48p)
Dinosaurs once lived in what is now Montana.

An Egyptian Craftsman
by Giovanni Casellli
Bedrick l99l (32p)
A look at the everyday life of an Egyptian craftsman and his work.

Mummies Made in Egypt
by Aliki
Harper l979 (32p) Harper l985 paper
Describes Egyptian gods and goddesses of the dead. Available in Spanish as
Momias de Egipto.

The Children of Egypt
by Reijo Härkönen
Carolrhoda l991 (56p)
Modern-day Egypt seen through the eyes of its children.


Mummies and Their Mysteries
by Charlotte Wilcox
Carolrhoda l993 (64p)
A popular introduction to mummies, both animal and human, around the world.

The Visual Dictionary of Ancient Civilizations
Dorling Kindersley l994 (64p)
Overview of ancient Greece, Rome, China, Egypt, the Hittite Empire and early
Native American civilizations.

Dinosaurs Walked Here and Other Stories Fossils Tell
by Patricia Lauber
Macmillan l987 (64p)
The process of fossil formation and scientific theories derived from fossil study.

Dinosaur Detective: Out of Place
by B. B. Calhoun
Freeman l994 (128p) also paper
Fenton helps his paleontologist parents solve another dinosaur mystery. See
others in series.

The Secret of Vesuvius: Exploring the Mysteries of an Ancient Buried City
by Sara C. Bisel
Scholastic l99l (64p) paper
Photos and paintings show Herculaneum after the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

Indiana Jones Explores Egypt
by John Malam
Arcade l992 (48p)
The famed adventurer travels to Egypt. Available in Spanish as El antiguo

Jack Horner: Living with Dinosaurs
by Don Lessem
Freeman l994 (48p) also paper
Biography of the paleontologist on whom Dr. Grant in Jurassic Park is modeled.

Buried in Ice
by Owen Beattie and John Geiger
Scholastic l992 (64p)
Relates the plight of the lost Franklin expedition to the Northwest Passage in

From Map to Museum: Uncovering Mysteries of the Past
by Joan Anderson
Morrow l988 (64p)
Focuses on an archaeological dig on St. Catherine Island, Georgia.

Piece by Piece: Mosaics of the Ancient World
by Michael Avi-Yonah
Runestone l993 (64p)
Archaeologists study mosaics to learn about life and work in the ancient world.

by Dr. Jane McIntosh
Knopf l994 (64p)
Archaeologists at work from excavating Troy to uncovering a Chinese emperor's
long-lost grave.

The Terra Cotta Army of Emperor Qin
by Caroline Lazo
New Discovery l993 (80p)
Recounts the discovery of the 7,500 clay soldiers buried in Emperor Qin's tomb.

Trapped in Tar: Fossils from the Ice Age
by Caroline Arnold
Clarion l987 also paper
Photo essay about the Rancho La Brea fossils and the people who study them.

The Nubians: People of the Ancient Nile
by Robert Steven Bianchi
Millbrook l994 (72p)
Egypt's neighbors to the south enjoyed a highly developed civilization along the
Nile Valley.

Digging Up Tyrannosaurus Rex
by Jack Horner and Don Lessem
Crown l992 (36p)
Story of the excavation of dinosaur bones discovered in Montana in l989.

by James Putnam
Knopf l994 (64p)
Explores the Egyptian pyramids and other ancient monuments.

Ancient China
by Arthur Cotterell
Knopf l994 (64p)
A close look at an ancient civilization, from the earliest dynasty to the last

Stones and Bones: How Archaeologists Trace Human Origins
by Avrham Ronen
Runestone l994 (72p)
The work of archaeologists around the world.

Mummies, Tombs, and Treasures: Secrets of Ancient Egypt
by Lila Perl
Houghton 1987 (128p) also paper
Explains the Egyptian mummification process and the attempts to safeguard
burial sites.

Sunk! Exploring Underwater Archaeology
Runestone l994 (72p)
Explains how underwater archaeologists study ancient ship remains.


The Riddle of the Rosetta Stone
by James Cross Giblin
Harper l990 (96p) Harper paper
How the translating and decoding of the Rosetta Stone made current knowledge
of ancient Egypt possible.

The Egypt Game
by Zilpha Keatley Snyder
Macmillan l967 Dell l986 paper
In this perennnial favorite, kids in a multiethnic neighborhood solve a mystery.

The Royal Kingdoms of Ghana, Mali, and Songhay: Life in Medieval Africa
by Patricia and Fredrick McKissack
Holt l993 (128p)
The story of Sudan civilizations from A.D. 700-1700.

King Tut's Board Game
by Leona Ellerby
Lerner l980 (120p)
In Egypt on vacation, Jason and a friend uncover a mysterious secret in the Valley
of the Kings.

by Leontyne Price
Harcourt l990 (32p)
The famed opera star retells one of the world's most famous operas.

Pompeii: Exploring a Roman Ghost Town
by Ron and Nancy Goor
Crowell l986 (ll8p)
Archaeologists examine the ruins of Pompeii, destroyed in A.D. 79.

by David Macaulay
Houghton l975 (80p) also paper
Detailed drawings show how the pharaohs' burial places were conceived and
constructed. Available in Spanish as Nacimiento de una piramide.

Books for Teachers to Read Aloud

The Magnificent Mummy Maker
by Elvira Woodruff
Scholastic l994 (160p)
Unexpected things happen when Jason makes a mummy for a class project.

Egyptian Stories
by Robert Hull
Thomson Learning l994 (48p)
Retellings of seven traditional tales.

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