Books for Independent Reading


Seal Journey
by Richard and Jonah Sobol
Cobblehill 1993 (32p)
A father and son explore the life and habitat of the endangered harp seal.
I Can Read About Whales and Dolphins
by Joan Anderson
Troll 1973 (32p)
Clearly presented information about these species. Available in Spanish asYo puedo leer sobre las ballenas y delfines.
Eagles: Lions of the Sky
by Emery and Durga Bernhard
Holiday 1994 (32p)
Explains how these flying predators hunt.
Amazing Poisonous Animals
by Alexandra Parsons
Knopf 1990 (32p)
Fascinating information presented in clear text with detailed artwork.
And So They Build
by Bert Kitchen
Candlewick 1993 (26p)
Clear text and beautiful paintings show how various animals build homes for their families.
The Grizzly Bear Family Book
by Michio Hoshino
Picture Book 1993 (52p)
Photo essay of the author's year watching grizzlies in Alaska.
by Norman Barrett
Watts 1991 (32p)
Informative introduction to a popular marine animal. Available in Spanish asDelfines.
Shadows of the Night: The Hidden World of the Little Brown Bat
by Barbara Bash
Sierra Club 1993 (32p)
Explains the benefits bats provide and dispels myths about them.


Urban Roosts
by Barbara Bash
Little 1990 (32p)
Many birds, including sparrows and owls, have adapted to living in cities.
Hunter in the Snow: The Lynx
by Susan Bonner
Little 1994 (32p)
The hunting and survival methods of a young lynx are traced over a year.
Animal Camouflage: A Closer Look
by Joyce Powzyk
Bradbury 1990 (40p)
Presents explanations and examples of six varieties of animal camouflage.
The Golden Lion Tamarin Comes Home
by George Ancona
Macmillan 1994 (40p)
Captive-born tamarins are reintroduced to their natural Brazilian habitat.
by Seymour Simon
Harper 1989 (40p); also paper
An informative, colorful introduction to these popular animals.
The Eagle and the River
by Charles Craighead
Macmillan 1994 (32p)
The Snake River is home to and provides food for many species.
Mangrove Wilderness: Nature's Nursery
by Bianca Lavies
Dutton 1994 (32p)
A red mangrove swamp in the Florida Everglades contains an abundance of wildlife.
Voices of the Wild
by Jonathan London
Crown 1993 (32p)
Animals sense and respond to a man kayaking through the Northwest wilderness.


La zorra negra (The Midnight Fox)
by Betsy Byars
Text in Spanish.
The American Alligator
by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent
Clarion 1994 (48p)
Interesting facts about this once-endangered animal.
by Bruce Brooks
Farrar 1991 (80p)
A look at how predators survive in the wild.
What Does the Crow Know: The Mysteries of Animal Intelligence
by Margery Facklam
Sierra 1991 (48p)
Experiments and tests done to find out if animals can learn, reason, and mimic human behavior.
One More Elephant: The Fight to Save Wildlife in Uganda
by Richard Sobol
Cobblehill 1995 (32p)
The Moeller brothers struggle to protect elephants and other wildlife.
Seals, Sea Lions, and Walruses
by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent
Holiday 1990 (88p)
Three pinniped families are discussed and compared.
When the Wolves Return
by Ron Hirschi
Cobblehill 1995 (32p)
Wolves are being restored to some parts of the country.
Dogs: The Wolf Within
by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent
Carolrhoda 1993 (48p)
How today's canine resembles its wolf ancestors.
The Endangered Florida Panther
by Margaret Goff Clark
Cobblehill 1993 (64p)
Presents the plight of this endangered animal and describes efforts to save it.
Jackal Woman: Exploring the World of Jackals
by Laurence Pringle
Scribners 1993 (48p)
Dr. Patricia Moehlman studies the jackals of Africa's Serengeti Plain.
The Crocodile Family Book
by Mark Dooble and Victoria Shaw
North-South 1994 (48p)
Crocodiles, large and small, prey and sleep along the Grumeti River in Tanzania.
The Moon of the Mountain Lions
by Jean Craighead George
Harper 1991 (48p); also paper
Describes a month in the life of a mountain lion and how he interacts with his environment. See others in the Moon series.
Killer Bees
by Bianca Lavies
Dutton 1994 (32p)
History of and information about the feared bees making their way north into the United States.
American Bison
by Ruth Berman
Carolrhoda 1992 (48p)
What happened to the bison that used to roam the Great Plains? Available in Spanish asEl bisonte americano.
Bees Dance and Whales Sing: The Mysteries of Animal Communication
by Margery Facklam
Sierra 1992 (48p)
The author answers children's questions about how animals “talk” to each other.
Swimming with Sea Lions and Other Adventures in the Galápagos Islands
by Ann McGovern
Scholastic 1992 (48p)
A young boy's diary of his trip to the Galápagos with his grandmother.
The Astonishing Armadillo
by Dee Stuart
Carolrhoda 1993 (48p)
A close-up look at this unusual creature. Available in Spanish as El asombroso armadillo.
Fur, Feathers, and Flippers: How Animals Live Where They Do
by Patricia Lauber
Scholastic 1994 (46p)
Describes how animals have adapted to some of the world's harshest environments.


The Missing Gator of Gumbo Limbo
by Jean Craighead George
Harper 1992 (148p); also paper
People in Gumbo Limbo are concerned when the alligator that protects them disappears.
Dangerous Insects
by Michel Peissel and Missy Allen
Chelsea 1993 (112p)
Twenty-five of the most dangerous insects from around the world.
The Watchable Wildlife Series
by various authors
Falcon Press 1994 (80+p)
Wildlife viewing guides for nineteen states, including maps.
Joyful Noise: Poems for Two Voices
by Paul Fleischman
Harper 1988 (64p); also paper
Poems about insects.
Project Panda Watch
by Miriam Schlein
Atheneum 1986 (96p)
Researchers monitor pandas to help ensure their survival.

Books for Teachers to Read Aloud

Owls in the Family
by Farley Mowat
Bantam 1985 (96p); also paper
The author's hilarious adventures training two great horned owls.
The House of Wings
by Betsy Byars
Puffin 1982 (136p); also paper
Caring for a wounded crane brings a boy and his grandfather closer. Available in Spanish asLa casa de las alas.
The Cry of the Crow
by Jean Craighead George
Harper 1980 (160p); also paper
A Florida girl takes care of a pet crow. Available in Spanish asEl graznido del cuervo.