Books for Independent Reading


Through Grandpa's Eyes
by Patricia MacLachlan
Harper 1980 (28p); also paper
On visits to his grandparents, John shares his blind grandfather's world.
Striped Ice Cream
by Jean M. Lexau
Harper 1968 (128p); Scholastic 1992 paper
Becky wonders if her birthday is as important to her family as it is to her.
I Spy Two Eyes: Numbers in Art
by Lucy Micklethwait
Greenwillow 1993 (48p)
Art reproductions in numerous styles, periods, and techniques contain the numbers 1 to 20.
The Key to the Playhouse
by Carol Beach York
Scholastic 1994 (71p)
Alice Ann and Megan realize that their snubbing of chubby Cissie has cruel consequences.
Maurice's Room
by Paula Fox
Macmillan 1988 (64p)
Maurice's parents can't understand his passion for collecting what they call junk. Available in Spanish asLa habitación de Mauricio.
Eagle Dreams
by Sheryl McFarlane
Philomel 1995 (32p)
Robin, neglectful of his chores, promises to change his ways if he's permitted to care for an injured eagle.


Great Grandfather's House
by Rumer Godden
Greenwillow 1992 (76p)
When Keiko spends time with her cousin and great-grandfather, she learns about sharing and respect.
Staying Nine
by Pam Conrad
Harper 1988 (80p); also paper
Heather likes being nine years old and decides to stay nine forever.
The Real Thief
by William Steig
Farrar 1976 (64p); also paper
When the goose Gawain is accused of stealing from King Basil the bear, he wonders if anyone will believe he is innocent. Available in Spanish asEl verdadero ladrón.
I Spy: A Book of Picture Riddles
by Jean Marzollo
Scholastic 1992 (40p)
Use the rhyming riddles to find hidden objects in the pictures. Available in Spanish asVeo: un libro adivinanzas ilustradas.
Stealing Home
by Mary Stolz
Harper 1992 (128p); also paper
When Great-Aunt Linzy comes for a visit, Thomas wonders how long she'll stay.
A Llama in the Family
by Johanna Hurwitz
Morrow 1994 (96p)
When he looks for his surprise, Adam finds a llama, not the bicycle he'd hoped for.
Chasing After Annie
by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat
Harper 1991 (64p)
Richie hopes that finding Annie's missing dog will show Annie how wonderful he is.


by Larry Evans
Price Stern Sloan 1995 (24p)
An interactive book of traditional, stereovision, and other optical illusions.
In Two Worlds: A Yup'ik Eskimo Family
by Aylette Jenness and Alice Rivers
Houghton 1989 (88p)
A contemporary Eskimo family also observe their ancient customs.
Family Dinner
by Jane Cutler
Farrar 1992 (112p); also paper
Great-Uncle Benson cannot understand why Rachel's family do not have dinner together each night.
The Amazing Paper Cuttings of Hans Christian Andersen
by Beth Wagner Brust
Ticknor 1994 (80p)
A brief biography of Andersen that includes his spontaneous paper cuttings done without patterns.
Nothing Grows Here
by Jean Thesman
Harper 1994 (182p)
Following the death of her father, Maryanne feels she needs a garden more than ever, but her mother doesn't seem to understand that.
Later, Gator
by Laurence Yep
Hyperion 1995 (128p)
As a joke, Teddy buys his brother an alligator for his birthday, but maybe the joke is on Teddy.
After Fifth Grade, the World
by Claudia Mills
Macmillan 1989 (128p); Avon 1991 paper
After disastrous results, Heidi stops trying to reform people and accepts them as they are.
Looking at Paintings: Cats
by Peggy Roalf
Hyperion 1992 (64p)
Cats interpreted by the artists Bonnard, Hiroshige, Hockney, Kipling, Picasso, and others.
Thirteen Going on Seven
by Marilyn Sachs
Dutton 1993 (133p)
While her twin is eager to grow up, Dezzy just wants to spend time with her grandfather and protect the environment.
Red-Dirt Jessie
by Anna Myers
Walker 1992 (107p)
Her dad is unhappy, and Jessie is sure a pet will cheer him up.
Two Under Par
by Kevin Henkes
Greenwillow 1987 (128p)
Wedge resents his new stepfather and stepbrother and the new miniature golf course outside his house.
The True Story of a Wimp
by Susan Shreve
Tambourine 1995 (128p)
Liam doesn't want to tell anyone that his perfect family is breaking up, but his sister sees things differently.
The Circle of Gold
by Candy Dawson Boyd
Scholastic 1984 (128p); also paper
A young girl must adjust to her father's death and to her mother's grief.
The Facts and Fictions of Minna Pratt
by Patricia MacLachlan
Harper 1988 (144p); also paper
Minna wishes that her writer father and psychologist mother would act normal, like the parents of her friend.
The Plum Tree War
by Bonnie Pryor
Morrow 1989 (128p); Dell 1992 paper
Robert is upset when his cousin and her huge dog come for a yearlong visit.
An Occasional Cow
by Polly Horvath
Farrar 1989 (112p); also paper
New Yorker Imogene is not looking forward to spending the summer with her cousins in Iowa, where she expects to be quite bored.
Hello, My Name Is Scrambled Eggs
by Jamie Gilson
Lothrop 1985 (160p); also paper
Vietnamese refugee Twan has a new friend who wants to Americanize him.


Hook a Fish, Catch a Mountain
by Jean Craighead George
Spinner wants to pursue her dream of dancing without disappointing her father. Available in Spanish asPescar un pez, conquistar una montaña.
Cat Running
by Zilpha Keatley Snyder
Delacorte 1994 (168p)
Cat wonders how she can outrun the barefoot Zane in the school's annual Play Day.
by Virginia Hamilton
Philomel 1990 (128p); Scholastic 1993 paper
Not until tragedy strikes does Cammy realize she may have misunderstood her beautiful cousin. Available in Spanish asPrimos.
Morning Girl
by Michael Dorris
Hyperion 1992 (75p); also paper
Morning Girl and her brother Star Boy both describe their island life in 1492.
by Patricia MacLachlan
Dell 1993 (96p); paper
Living with his grandparents, Journey cannot understand why his mother left him and his sister Cat and why she hasn't returned.
S.O.R. Losers
by Avi
Bradbury 1984 (112p)
The South Orange River hockey team lose game after game, but they don't seem to mind.
Looking at Art: Self-Portraits
by Peggy Roalf
Hyperion 1993 (48p)
Self-portraits by Leonardo, Rembrandt, Picasso, and others show a variety of styles and techniques in interpreting one's own image.

Books for Teachers to Read Aloud

Fig Pudding
by Ralph Fletcher
Clarion 1995 (144p)
Lively, humorous episodes tell why being the oldest isn't always easy for Cliff.
Taxi Cat and Huey
by Gen Leroy
Harper 1992 (144p)
Huey, a basset hound, tells how life in his New York apartment changes after Taxi, a Siamese cat, moves in.
The Stone-Faced Boy
by Paula Fox
Macmillan 1987 (112p); also paper
Gus is afraid to show his feelings until he meets his very perceptive Great-Aunt Hattie. Available in Spanish as Gus cara de piedra.