Books for Independent Reading


A Sled Dog for Moshi
by Jean Bushey
Hyperion 1994 (32p)
An Inuit girl's adventures deepen her appreciation of her culture.
Ruth Law Thrills a Nation
by Don Brown
(Social Studies)
Ticknor 1993 (32p)
Ruth Law attempts to fly solo from Chicago to New York.
Jocasta Carr, Movie Star
by Roy Gerrard
Farrar 1992 (32p)
Jocasta flies off to find her missing costar, Belle the sheepdog.
Salty Takes Off
by Gloria Rand
Holt 1991 (32p)
Zack and his dog Salty face bad weather while flying to Alaska.
To the Top: Climbing the World's Highest Mountain
by S. A. Kramer
(Social Studies)
Random 1993 (48p)
Edmund Hillary's and Tenzing Norgay's historic climb.
Great Black Heroes: Five Brave Explorers
by Wade Hudson
Scholastic 1995 (48p)
Stories about Mae Jemison, Esteban, James Beckwourth, Jean duSable, and Matthew Henson.
The Return of Freddy Legrand
by Jon Agee
Farrar 1992 (32p); also paper
A daring pilot flies his biplane across the Atlantic.


Space Camp®: The Great Adventure for NASA Hopefuls
by Anne Baird
Morrow 1992 (48p)
Astronaut training at U.S. Space Camp in Huntsville.
Flight: The Journey of Charles Lindbergh
by Robert Burleigh
(Social Studies)
Philomel 1991 (32p)
An exciting account of the aviator's New York-to-Paris solo flight.
Fly! A Brief History of Flight Illustrated
by Barry Moser
Harper 1993 (56p)
The history of flight from hot-air balloons to space shuttles.
Black Stars in Orbit: NASA's African American Astronauts
by Khephra Burns and William Miles
Harcourt 1994 (80p)
The first African Americans in space.
Christa McAuliffe: Reaching for the Stars
by Patricia Martin
(Social Studies)
Rourke 1992 (23p)
Biography of the first teacher in space. Available in Spanish asChrista McAuliffe: Hacio los astros.
The U. S. Space Camp®: Book of Rockets
by Anne Baird
Morrow 1994 (48p)
Photo essay of the Rocket Park and Space Museum in Huntsville.
Destination: Antarctica
by Robert Swan
(Social Studies)
Scholastic 1989 (48p); also paper
Photo essay of the author's 900-mile trek to the South Pole.
Platero y yo/Platero and I
by Juan Ramón Jiménez
Clarion 1994 (48p)
Classic story of the donkey Platero and his poet companion. Text in English and Spanish.


James y el melocotón gigante(James and the Giant Peach)
by Roald Dahl
Text in Spanish.
The Haymeadow
by Gary Paulsen
Delacorte 1992 (195p); also paper
Adventures of a boy herding the family's 6,000 sheep.
The Bell Reef
by Sarita Kendall
Houghton 1990 (135p)
With a dolphin's help, Daniel and Vicky recover pirate treasure.
by William Steig
Farrar 1984 (160p); also paper
Dominic's journey brings him many friends. Available in Spanish as Dominico.
Coast to Coast
by Betsy Byars
Delacorte 1992 (164p); Bantam 1994 paper
Birch and her grandfather fly coast to coast in his antique Piper Cub.
The Midnight Horse
by Sid Fleischman
Greenwillow 1990 (84p); Dell 1992 paper
The orphan Touch sets out to make his home with is uncle.
The Search for Delicious
by Natalie Babbitt
Farrar 1989(176p); also paper
Galen polls the kingdom for a food to define “delicious.”
Adventure in Space: The Flight to Fix the Hubble
by Elaine Scott
Hyperion 1995 (64p)
The crew of the space shuttle Endeavor repair the Hubble Telescope in space.
The Grand Escape
by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
Atheneum 1993 (148p); Yearling 1994 paper
Fantasy about two cats who long for life on a ranch.
The Black Pearl
by Scott O'Dell
Houghton 1967 (160p); Laurel 1977 paper
Ramon's adventures as a pearl diver. Available in Spanish asLa perla negra.
To Space & Back
by Sally Ride and Susan Okie
Lothrop 1986 (96p); also paper
Recollections of the first American woman to travel in space.
Amelia Earhart Takes Off
by Fern G. Brown
(Social Studies)
Whitman 1985 (60p)
Traces Earhart's life to her mysterious disappearance.
Taking Flight: My Story by Vicki Van Meter
by Vicki Van Meter with Dan Gutman
(Social Studies)
Viking 1995 (96p)
Twelve-year-old Vicki's story of becoming the youngest girl to fly cross-country.
Susan Butcher: Sled Dog Racer
by Ginger Wadsworth
(Social Studies)
Lerner 1994 (64p)
The story of the four-time Iditarod winner.
Call It Courage
by Armstrong Sperry
Macmillan 1968 (96p); also paper
Mafatu must prove his courage by overcoming his fear of the sea. Available in Spanish asEsto en coraje.
Abel's Island
by William Steig
Farrar 1976 (128); also paper
A gentleman mouse learns to survive in the wild. Available in Spanish as La ilsa de Abel.
The Marvelous Misadventures of Sebastian
by Lloyd Alexander
Dutton 1973 (244p); Dell 1991 paper
A fiddler who takes to the road has many adventures.


Crazy Weekend
by Gary Soto
Scholastic 1994 (144p)
Hector's adventurous weekend with his Uncle Julio, a photographer/pilot.
Summer on Wheels
by Gary Soto
Scholastic 1995 (163p)
Hector and his friend Mando continue their adventures on a bicycle trip to the beach in Santa Monica.
by Brian Jacques
Philomel 1986 (351p); also paper
First in the popular series about the mouse Matthias and Redwall Abbey.
El Güero: A True Adventure Story
by Elizabeth Borton de Treviño
Farrar 1989 (112p)
Based on the boyhood adventures in Mexico of the author's father-in-law.
Across America on an Emigrant Train
by Jim Murphy
(Social Studies)
Clarion 1993 (160p)
Robert Louis Stevenson travels by train across America.
The Righteous Revenge of Artemis Bonner
by Walter Dean Myers
Harper 1992 (144p); also paper
A Western spoof about a New York kid in Tombstone, Arizona.
Black Eagles: African Americans in Aviation
by Jim Haskins
Scholastic 1995 (185p)
A history of African American involvement in aviation.

Books for Teachers to Read Aloud

The Incredible Journey
by Sheila Burnford
Little 1960 (154p); Bantam paper
Classic story of a cat and two dogs trying to find their way home.
The Remarkable Journey of Prince Jen
by Lloyd Alexander
Dutton 1991 (288p); Dell 1993 paper
A naive prince embarks on a perilous quest in search of wisdom.
Around the World in Eighty Days
by Jules Verne
Dell 1964 (253p)
Phileas Fogg travels around the world to win a bet. Available in Spanish as La vuelto al mundo en 80 días.