The resources on this page are based on the theme Do You Believe This?? in Grade 5 of Houghton Mifflin's Invitations to Literacy program.


Here is a bibliography of supplementary books that include cross-curricular connections and books that meet individual needs. Click here for the latest update


Help yourself to these extension activities. You can print them out and use them in your classroom.


Here are some links to sites on the Internet that relate to Do You Believe This??.

Nine Planets:
Do you believe there are aliens in outer space? Come and explore the planets of our solar system through a multimedia tour designed by Bill Arnett of Students for the Exploration and Development of Space at the University of Arizona. The Nine Planets tour features colorful graphics and interesting information about the nine planets and their moons, comets, meteors, and more. Check it out!
Paleontology Without Walls
Paleontology Without Walls allows visitors to browse through the “family tree” of life from several different points of view. Explore plant life, rock formations, and human evolution through this museum-like site created by the UCMP Virtual Museum of Paleontology. There is a wealth of information for both students and teachers.