Books for Independent Reading


Aunt Eater Loves a Mystery
by Doug Cushman
Harper 1987 (64p); also paper
Aunt Eater -- an anteater -- solves mysteries in four short stories.
The Fourth Floor Twins and the Fish Snitch Mystery
by David A. Adler
Puffin 1986 (64p); also paper
The Fourth Floor twins become suspicious of one of their neighbors.
The Case of the Hungry Stranger
by Crosby Bonsall
Harper 1992 (64p); also paper
The Private Eyes Club -- Wizard, Tubby, Skinny, and Snitch -- search for a missing blueberry pie.
My Dog and the Green Sock Mystery
by David A. Adler
Holiday 1986 (32p)
Jennie and her dog hunt for a missing sock.
Emily Eyefinger, Secret Agent
by Duncan Ball
Simon 1993 (96p)
The only girl with an eye on her finger helps her friends solve mysteries.


Sebastian (Super Sleuth) and the Copycat Crime
by Mary Blount Christian
Macmillan 1993 (64p)
Canine detective Sebastian (Super Sleuth) comes to the aid of his human partner to solve a mystery.
Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Gold Coins
by David A. Adler
Viking 1982 (64p); Dell 1985 paper
Cam uses her memory to find two gold coins.
Nate the Great and the Mushy Valentine
by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat
Delacorte 1994 (48p)
Nate tries to find out who left his dog Sludge a valentine.
Eagle Eye Ernie Comes to Town
by Susan Pearson
Simon 1990 (80p); also paper
Ernie, the new girl in school, must find out who is stealing kids' lunches.
The Mystery of the Russian Ruby: A Pop-Up Whodunit
by Iain Smyth
Cobblehill 1994 (12p)
Who stole Countess Wilby's ruby? Use pop-up devices to find out.
Mr. Pin: The Chocolate Files
by Mary Elise Monsell
Atheneum 1990 (64p)
Mr. Pin, a South Pole penguin, must find out who replaced dinosaur eggs with chocolate ones.
Something Queer in Outer Space
by Elizabeth Levy
Hyperion 1993 (48p); also paper
Jill's dog Fletcher has been chosen as NASA's first dog in space.


Who Dunnit? How to Be a Detective in Ten Easy Lessons
by Marvin Miller
Scholastic 1991 (112p); also paper
Ten two-minute mysteries involving secret codes and riddles.
KIDZ Five-Minute Mysteries
by Ken Weber
Running Press 1994 (32p)
Cassette provides solutions to mysteries in the book.
The Case of the Sabotaged School Play
by Marilyn Singer
Harper 1984 (64p); also paper Sam and Dave investigate when someone doesn't want the school play to go on.
The Case of the Elevator Duck
by Polly Berends
Random 1989 (64p); also paper
A young boy finds a duck in the elevator of his apartment building.
Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective
by Donald J. Sobol
Dutton 1979 (96p); Bantam 1985 paper
Introduces Leroy “Encyclopedia” Brown, who helps his police-chief father solves cases.
Deputy Shep
by Mary Stolz
Harper 1991 (96p); also paper
Deputy Jack Shep, the lazy police dog, investigates a wave of burglaries.
Meg MacKintosh and the Mystery in the Locked Library
by Lucinda Landon
Little 1993 (48p)
Meg follows clues to find a missing rare library book.
Surfboard to Peril: A Miss Mallard Mystery
by Robert Quackenbush
Simon 1986 (48p)
Miss Mallard, the famous ducktective, solves several crimes while surfing in Hawaii.
Basil of Baker Street
by Eve Titus
McGraw 1958 (96p)
Basil the mouse learned his skills from watching Sherlock Holmes in action.
by Jane Yolen
Harcourt 1987 (32p); also paper
Piggins the butler takes charge when Mrs. Reynard's diamond necklace is stolen during a dinner party.
The Mystery of the Hidden Beach
by Gertrude Chandler Warner
Whitman 1994; also paper
The Boxcar Children and their new cousin Soo Lee solve an ecological mystery in Florida.
Flatfoot Fox and the Case of the Missing Eye
by Ethel Clifford
Houghton 1990 (48p)
Fat Cat wants Flatfoot Fox to find his missing glass tiger eye.
Jane Martin, Dog Detective
by Eve Bunting
Harcourt 1984 (44p)
Three stories in which the dog detective solves crimes for twenty-five cents a day.
Susannah and the Purple Mongoose Mystery
by Patricia Elmore
Dutton 1992 (120p)
Susannah and her pals try to find out who wants to destroy a neighbor's house.
The Losers Fight Back
by Barbara M. Joosse
Clarion 1994 (98p)
Wild Willie and his friends King Kyle and Lucy must figure out how to turn the soccer team into winners.
Have You Seen Hyacinth Macaw?
by Patricia Reilly Giff
Delacorte 1981 (128p); Dell 1982 paper
Abby Jones and her sidekick Potsie scurry all over town in search of Hyacinth Macaw.
Culpepper Adventures: Prince Amos
by Gary Paulsen
Dell 1994 (80p)
On a class trip to Washington, Dunc and Amos see a kid who looks just like Amos: Prince Gustav of Muldavia.
The Case of the Desperate Drummer
by E. W. Hildick
Macmillan 1993 (160p)
The McGurk Organization protects a famous drummer.


Hank the Cowdog
by John Erickson
Texas Monthly 1981 (131p); also paper
Hank is forced to resign his position as Head of Ranch Security. Available in Spanish asLas verdaderas aventuras de Hank el Perro Vaquero.
Clue® : The Case of the Invisible Cat
by A. E. Parker
Scholastic 1992 (160p)
A mystery based on the board game Clue®.
Mathnet® Casebooks: The Case of the Smart Dummy
by David D. Connel and Jim Thurman
Scientific American 1994 (64p); also paper
The Mathnetters use logic and time/distance calculations to track robbers.
Spider Kane and the Mystery at Jumbo Nightcrawler's
by Mary Pope Osborne
Knopf 1993 (128p); also paper
Spider Kane solves mysteries in the bug world.
Incognito Mosquito Flies Again
by E. A. Hass
Knopf 1994 (112p); also paper
Incognito is on the trail of Russian Cagey Bee operatives in this pun-filled mystery.
Stories to Solve: Folktales from Around the World
by George Shannon
Greenwillow 1985 (53p)
The reader must solve the riddle posed by each of fourteen folktales.

Books for Teachers to Read Aloud

The Real Thief
by William Steig
Farrar 1976 (64p); also paper
Gawain, guard of the royal treasury, must prove he is not a thief. Available in Spanish asEl verdadero ladrón.
Who Stole the Wizard of Oz?
by Avi
Random 1990 (144p); also paper
Becky and her twin brother must find out who stole a rare book from the library.
Dinosaur Detective: Out of Place
by B. B. Calhoun
Scientific American 1994 (128p); also paper
Fenton helps his paleontologist parents solve a mystery about dinosaur bones.