Books for Independent Reading


newMailing May
by Michael O.Tunnell
Greenwillow 1997 (32p)
In 1914, when Charlotte May Pierstorff wanted to visit her grandmother seventy-five miles across the mountains of Idaho, she, her father, and the United States mail came up with a clever solution.
newMy Life with the Wave
by Catherine Cowan
Lothrop 1997 (32p)
A young boy brings a wave home from the ocean and discovers it has a life and mind of its own.
I Was Born About 10,000 Years Ago
by Steven Kellogg
Morrow 1996 (32p)
The multiple characters of this rhyming story, based on an old folk song, try to best each other by telling more and more outrageous whoppers.
Night in the Barn
by Faye Gibbons
Morrow 1995 (32p)
When Willie, his brother, and their two cousins spend the night in the barn, they are convinced that monsters are also spending the night there.
Luck with Potatoes
by Helen Ketteman
Orchard 1995 (32p)
In this tall tale from the Tennessee valley, Clemmon Hardigree, who has had bad luck raising cows, finds his luck changing in a very strange way.


newBreakfast at the Liberty Diner
by Daniel Kirk
Hyperion 1997 (32p)
When Bobby, a victim of polio, and his mother and brother stop by the Liberty Diner for breakfast, they are amazed when President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, himself a victim of polio, arrives at the diner.
The Bunyans
by Audrey Wood
Scholastic/Blue Sky 1996 (32p)
Paul Bunyan, his wife Carrie McIntie, and their children Little Jean and Teeny frolic across America, creating Niagara Falls, the Rocky Mountains, and Old Faithful as they go.
The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey
by Susan Wojciechowski
Candlewick 1995 (32p)
No one knows why woodcarver Jonathan Toomey is so sad, but when the widow McDowell and her son ask him to carve a crèche for Christmas they bring happiness back into this life.
Walking Upside Down
by Philip Heckman
Atheneum 1996 (40p)
When Morton reluctantly switches bedrooms with his little sisters, he discovers he can walk on the ceiling, giving him an odd but fun perspective on the world.
Fenwick's Suit
by David Small
Farrar 1996 (32p)
To change his image, Fenwick buys a red-and-yellow plaid suit that, he soon discovers, has a mind of its own.
The Flying Ship
retold by Andrew Lang
Morrow 1995 (48p)
One of Lang's best-known stories, this is the tale of a young man who sets sail through the skies to win the hand of a princess.


newDinosaur Ghosts: The Mystery of Coelophysis
by J. Lynett Gillette
Dial 1997 (32p)
Since the discovery of the remains of hundreds of Coelophysis dinosaurs fifty years ago, scientists have been puzzled about what killed them.
Disappearing Lake: Nature's Magic in Denali National Park
by Debbie S. Miller
Walker 1997 (32p)
Each spring a lake appears in Denali Park in Alaska, fed by winter snows, but as the days grow warmer, the lake disappears and becomes a meadow again.
Sody Sallyratus
by Teri Sloat
Dutton 1997 (32p)
In this cumulative tall tale from Appalachia, an old woman sends her family members to the store for the sody sallyratus she needs to make baking soda biscuits, but each one is eaten by a hungry bear. Biscuit recipe included.
A Drop of Water: A Book of Science and Wonder
by Walter Wick
Scholastic 1997 (40p)
Spectacular photographs allow the reader to see a drop of water as it drips from a faucet or lands on a hard surface as well as water captured as steam, dew, and frost. A page of simple scientific experiments is included.
The Leaf Men
by William Joyce
Harper 1996 (40p)
When an old woman becomes ill and can no longer tend her garden, the Long-Lost Toy tells the garden insects they need the help of the Leaf Men.
When Birds Could Talk and Bats Could Sing
by Virginia Hamilton
Scholastic 1996 (72p)
These entertaining African American trickster tales collected in the 1880s by Martha Young are retold by a master storyteller.
Sally Ann Thunder Ann Whirlwind Crockett
by Steven Kellogg
Morrow 1995 (48p)
In this rip-roaring tall tale, strong and fearless Sally Ann rescues Davy Crockett from ferocious eagles and, despite Sally Ann's skunk perfume, Crockett proposes marriage.
The Cat's Meow
by Gary Soto
Scholastic 1995 (80p)
Graciela investigates to find out how her cat Pip has learned to speak English.
Sundew Stranglers: Plants That Eat Insects
by Jerome Wexler
Dutton 1994 (48p)
This photo essay introduces the reader to the sundew, a deceptive plant with tentacles that lure and devour small insects.


newTreehouse Tales
by Anne Isaacs
Dutton 1997 (96p)
These humorous, lighthearted tales are about two brothers and a sister who share a treehouse in rural Pennsylvania in the nineteenth century.
newThe Boggart and the Monsters
by Susan Cooper
McElderry 1997 (192p)
In Scotland, Emily and Jessup Volnik and the Boggart are on a camping trip where they encounter the Loch Ness Monster.
newThe Kid Who Invented the Popsicle And Other Surprising Stories About Inventions
by Don Wulffson
Cobblehill 1997 (128p)
The author explains the surprising and sometimes comical origins of many ordinary items, such as flyswatters, sunglasses, potato chips, zippers, flashlights, and hair dryers.
The Mennyms in the Wilderness
by Sylvia Waugh
Greenwillow 1995 (256p) Avon 1996 paper
In the continuing saga of the doll family the Mennyms, they find their home threatened by the construction of a new highway and must find somewhere else to live.

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The Secret in the Matchbox
by Val Wallis
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A Snake Mistake
by Mavis Smith

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The Giant Jam Sandwich
by John Vernon Lord
A Million Fish…More or Less
by Patricia McKissack
The Mennyms in the Wilderness
by Sylvia Waugh
The Mennyms
by Sylvia Waugh
by Janet Taylor Lisle
The Boggart
by Susan Cooper