Books for Independent Reading


Taking a Walk: A Book in Two Languages/Caminando: Un libro en dos lenguas
by Rebecca Emberley
(Social Studies)
Little 1990 (26p)
A walk through the neighborhood. In English and Spanish.
My Perfect Neighborhood
by Leah Komaiko
(Social Studies)
Harper 1990 (32p)
On a walk through her city neighborhood, a girl delights in what she sees.
We Keep Store
by Anne Shelby
Orchard 1990 (32p)
A young girl helps her family run their general store in the country.
Car Washing Street
by Denise Patrick Lewis
Tambourine 1993 (32p)
It's Saturday and all the neighbors are washing their cars.
David Plays Hide-and-Seek in the City/David juega al escondite en la ciudad
by Dolores Mayorga
(Social Studies)
Lerner 1992 (24p)
David and his friends find places and objects. In English and Spanish.
City Seen from A to Z
by Rachel Isadora
Greenwillow 1983 (32p)
This alphabet book draws on an urban setting, one word for each letter.
Knoxville, Tennessee
by Nikki Giovanni
Scholastic 1994 (28p)
A poem that celebrates community life in summer.


Down Buttermilk Lane
by Barbara Mitchell
(Social Studies)
Lothrop 1993 (32p)
A typical day in the life of an Amish family.
A Is for Aloha
by Stephanie Feeney
U. of Hawaii Press 1985 (64p)
Alphabet book showing everyday lives of Hawaii University children.
City Green
by DyAnne DiSalvo-Ryan
(Social Studies)
Morrow 1994 (32p)
A community works together to turn a vacant lot into a garden.
Fly Away Home
by Eve Bunting
Clarion 1991 (32p); 1993 paper
A homeless boy and his father survive by living in an airport.
This Home We Made/Esta casa que hemos hecho
by Anne Hammond and Joseph Matunis
(Social Studies)
Crown 1993 (28p)
A homeless child watches a parade in hopes of finding a home. In English and Spanish.
Wanda's Roses
by Pat Brisson
(Social Studies)
Boyds Mill 1994 (32p)
Wanda's neighbors help her brighten up the community with flowers.
Mr. Griggs' Work
by Cynthia Rylant
Orchard 1989 (32p)
Mr. Griggs loves his post office job and worries when he becomes ill.
It Takes a Village
by Jane Cowen-Fletcher
Scholastic 1994 (32p)
A West African girl learns that the entire community is looking after her and her brother.
Sam Johnson and the Blue Ribbon Quilt
by Lisa Campbell Ernst
Lothrop 1983 (32p)
When they discover the fun of quilting, the men challenge the women to a contest.
My Place in Space
by Robin and Sally Hirst
Orchard 1988 (32p); 1992 paper
Henry tells a bus driver exactly where he lives, from the street and town to the solar system and galaxy.


Pearl Moscowitz's Last Stand
by Arthur Levine
Tambourine 1993 (32p)
Neighbors conspire to keep the city from cutting down the last tree on their street.
Busybody Nora
by Johanna Hurwitz
Morrow 1990 (63p); Puffin 1991 paper
Curious Nora lives in an apartment in New York City.
Loop the Loop
by Barbara Dugan
Greenwillow 1992 (32p); Puffin 1993 paper
Anne befriends a wheelchair-bound neighbor who knows wonderful yoyo tricks.
I Know a Lady
by Charlotte Zolotow
Morrow 1992 (24p); also paper
A story of the friendship between an older woman and the children in her neighborhood. Available in Spanish asMi amiga la Señora Mayor.
Saturday Market
by Patricia Grossman
Lothrop 1994 (32p)
A Mexican market comes to life each Saturday.
Vejigante Masquerader
by Lulu Delacre
Scholastic 1993 (38p)
Ramon wants a costume to wear in the neighborhoodcarnaval. In English and Spanish.
Tonibah and the Rainbow
by Jack Crowder
Upper Strata 1986 (32p)
When Tonibah's home burns to the ground, neighbors help build her family a new hogan. In English and Navajo.
My New York
by Kathy Jacobsen
(Social Studies)
Little 1993 (32p)
A New York girl describes her city in letters to a Midwestern friend.
Tar Beach
by Faith Ringgold
Crown 1991 (32p)
One magical evening, Cassie Lightfoot flies over her neighborhood.
Jasmine's Parlour Day
by Lynn Joseph
Lothrop 1994 (32p)
In a Trinidad village, everyone prepares for Parlour Day (Market Day).
Mrs. Katz and Tush
by Patricia Polacco
Bantam 1992 (32p)
A young boy and an elderly woman share the care of an abandoned kitten.
Sing to the Stars
by Mary Brigid Barrett
Little 1994 (32p)
A blind neighbor, once a famous jazz musician, urges a boy to play his violin in a neighborhood concert.
Hopscotch Around the World
by Mary D. Lankford
Morrow 1992 (48p)
Seventeen versions of this neighborhood favorite game from around the globe.
Tonight Is Carnaval
by Arthur Dorros
Dutton 1991 (32p)
A Peruvian family prepares to enjoy the neighborhoodcarnaval. Available in Spanish asPor fin es Carnaval.
Apple Picking Time
by Michele Benoit Slawson
Crown 1994 (32p)
When it's time to pick apples, everyone in town helps.
By the Dawn's Early Light
by Karen Ackerman
Atheneum 1994 (32p)
While their mother works, two youngsters take care of their grandmother. Available in Spanish as Al amanecer.
Mrs. Peachtree and the Eighth Avenue Cat
by Erica Silverman
Macmillan 1994 (32p)
Mrs. Peachtree and the neighborhood stray cat become good friends.
The City by the Bay: A Magical Journey Around San Francisco
by Tricia Brown
Chronicle 1993 (28p)
Explores the neighborhoods and provides facts about San Francisco.


Come Home with Me: A Multicultural Treasure Hunt
by Aylette Jenness
New Press 1993 (48p)
Through different ethnic neighborhoods, children search for clues to find various objects.
Pueblo Boy: Growing Up in Two Worlds
by Marcia Keegan
Cobblehill 1992
The life of a ten-year-old Pueblo boy living in contemporary New Mexico is described.
City Within a City: How Kids Live in New York's Chinatown
by Kathleen Krull
Lodestar 1994 (48p)
Reflects traditional and contemporary lifestyles of kids in Chinatown.
The Other Side: How Kids Live in a California Latino Neighborhood
by Kathleen Krull
Lodestar 1994 (48p)
Three Mexican American children show off their neighborhoods.
Tikvah Means Hope
by Patricia Polacco
Doubleday 1994 (40p)
An Oakland Jewish community finds hope after the fires of 1992.
La calle es libre (The Street Is Free)
by Kurusa Ekaré
1989 (48p)
Working together, children make a difference in their Venezuelan community. Text in Spanish.
Eskimo Boy: Life in an Inupiaq Eskimo Village
by Russ Kendall
Scholastic 1992 (32p)
Readers are introduced to a seven-year-old Inupiaq boy living in a small Alaskan village.

Books for Teachers to Read Aloud

Letting Swift River Go
by Jane Yolen
Little 1992 (32p)
A young girl's hometown is flooded to create the Quabbin Reservoir in Massachusetts.
Taxi Cab Blues
by Barbara Ann Porte
Greenwillow 1992 (56p)
Abigail and Sam's father, a cab driver, tells them wonderful stories about his passengers.
Chi-Hoon: A Korean Girl
by Patricia McMahon
Boyds Mills 1993 (49p)
A week in the life of eight-year-old Chi-Hoon.