Books for Independent Reading


Emma's Rug
by Allen Say
Houghton 1996 (32p)
After the day her mother washes the rug that Emma thinks is the inspiration for her art work, she learns that inspiration really comes from within.
by Synthia Saint James
Whitman 1996 (32p)
Following a delicious breakfast and a trip to church, an extended African American family spends a Sunday afternoon together.
Yard Sale
by James Stevenson
Greenwillow 1996 (32p)
Many unusual things are sold at the Mud Flat yard sale, including a clock without hands and a toothless comb.
Mimi's Tutu
by Tynia Thomassie
Scholastic 1996 (32p)
When Mimi wants a tutu for dance class because a new student has one, her family gets her a lapa skirt, a kind of tutu that reflects Mimi's African heritage.
The Day I Had to Play with My Sister
by Crosby Bonsall
Harper 1972 (32p) also paper
A little boy tries to teach his baby sister to play hide-and-seek, with comical and unpredictable results.
Roller Coaster
by Kevin O'Malley
Lothrop 1995 (24p)
A day at Fantasy Park proves to be very exciting, even for a kid who is not yet tall enough to ride the Monster Coaster.


by Megan McDonald
Orchard 1997 (48p)
Beezy and her friend Merlin wait out a hurricane, find a dog, and make friends with a girl from the circus.
The Best Older Sister
by Sook Nyul Choi
Yearling 1997 (48p)
When her grandmother notices that Sunhi is tired of the fuss made over her baby brother, she plans a special surprise for Sunhi's birthday.
by Angela Shelf Medearis
Holiday 1997 (32p)
A young girl in New Orleans in the early 1900s wakes up the the sights and sounds of the city, including shoppers, fish mongers, chimney sweeps, and marching bands.
Martha Blah Blah
by Susan Meddaugh
Houghton 1996 (32p)
When Martha finds herself talking gibberish because the current owner of the soup company has been leaving out some letters of the alphabet, she decides to confront the owner.
The Stories Huey Tells
by Ann Cameron
Knopf 1995 (112p)
In these five interconnected stories, Huey, Julian's younger brother, tells about humorous events in his own life.
Anthony Reynoso: Born to Rope
by Martha Cooper and Ginger Gordon
Clarion 1996 (32p)
On a day that is very special to him, a Mexican American boy ropes and rides in the Mexican Rodeo in a style handed down through generations of his family.
My Brother, Ant
by Betsy Byars
Viking 1996 (32p)
Life is never dull for his big brother when Ant, short for Anthony, is around.


newBreakfast at the Liberty Diner
by Daniel Kirk
Hyperion 1997 (32p)
When Bobby, a victim of polio, and his mother and brother stop by the Liberty Diner for breakfast, they are amazed when President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, himself a victim of polio, arrives at the diner.
newMy Horse of the North
by Bruce McMillan
(Social Studies)
Scholastic 1997 (32p)
This photoessay tells how, in Iceland, a girl named Margrét and her horse Perla practice for their first réttir, the annual roundup of sheep.
Red Bird
by Barbara Mitchell
Lothrop 1996 (32p)
Katie, whose Nanticoke name is Red Bird, joins her family and other Nanitcoke Indians at their annual powwow in Delaware, where they celebrate their heritage.
Sam and the Tigers
by Julius Lester
Dial 1996 (40p)
In this retellinging of the Sambo story, the team of Julius Lester and Jerry Pinkney present a boy named Sam, who outwits several tigers that want to eat him.
Fiesta U. S. A.
by George Ancona
Lodestar 1995 (48p)
The author/photographer presents four Latino fiestas: las Posados, the Day of the Dead, Three Kings' Day, and the Matachines, as celebrated in four different Amrican cities. Also available in Spanish.
Stanley and the Magic Lamp
by Jeff Brown
Harper 1996 (32p) paper
In this previously out-of-print sequel toFlat Stanley, the Lambchop household is disrupted by a young genie who is eager to fulfill everyone's wish.
Tanya's Reunion
by Valerie Flournoy
Dial 1995 (32p)
In this sequel toThe Patchwork Quilt, Tanya visits the Virginia farm where her grandmother grew up.
The Last Dragon
by Susan Miho Nunes
Clarion 1995 (32p)
A young boy spending the summer with his aunt in Chinatown is delighted when the whole community helps him restore an old dragon costume.


Potlatch: A Tsimshian Celebration
by Diane Hoyt-Goldsmith
Holiday 1997 (32p)
Thirteen-year-old David, spending the summer with his father in Alaska, prepares for a potlatch, a four-day celebration of his tribe's history and heritage, during which David will raise a totem pole dedicated to the memory of his grandfather.

Now Available in Paperback

Addie's Bad Day
by Joan Rogers
Saturday at the New You
by Barbara L Barber
Lee & Low
Sara Morton's Day: A Day in the Life of a Pilgrim Girl
by Kate Waters
Scholastic Blue Ribbon
Lion Dancer: Ernie Wan's Chinese New Year
by Kate Waters
Lyle at the Office
by Bernard Waber
The Train to Lulu's
by Elizabeth Fitzgerald Howard
Amelia's Fantastic Flight
by Rose Bursik
The Day of Ahmed's Secret
by Florence Parry Heide
The Honey Hunters
by Francesca Martin

Now Available in Spanish

Doctor De Soto(Doctor De Soto)
by William Steig