The resources on this page are based on the theme Pet Show Today in Grade 2 of Houghton Mifflin's Invitations to Literacy program.


Here is a bibliography of supplementary books that include cross-curricular connections and books that meet individual needs. Click here for the latest update


Help yourself to these extension activities. You can print them out and use them in your classroom.


Here are some links to sites on the Internet that relate to Pet Show Today.

The Grade 2 Pet Show Today! theme includes a frog haiku by Yayû. If you are interested in learning more about haiku poetry, the Children's Haiku Garden provides an excellent introduction to the construction of haiku and displays haiku poems that are illustrated by Japanese and American children.
Healthy Pet
This site is maintained by the American Animal Hospital Association, an organization of more than 17,000 veterinary care providers. Here, you can look for accurate, up-to-date, and entertaining information about pets.
The Electronic Zoo
The Electronic Zoo, compiled and maintained by veterinarian Ken Boschart at Washington University, is without peer as a comprehensive reference to Internet animal resources. The Zoo's massive collection is nevertheless easy to navigate, with links grouped by both subject (animals, veterinary) and resource type (mailing lists, gopher and web sites). Sponsored by NetVet, the Zoo is a well-maintained site with a search facility, what's new list, and continual updates.