The resources on this page are based on the theme Off We Go, See What We Know in Grade 1 of Houghton Mifflin's Invitations to Literacy program.


Here is a bibliography of supplementary books that include cross-curricular connections and books that meet individual needs. Click here for the latest update


Help yourself to these extension activities. You can print them out and use them in your classroom.


Here are some links to sites on the Internet that relate to Off We Go, See What We Know.

International Kids' Space
International Kids' Space is a “G rated” Internet site for children of all ages. Its goal is to enhance kids' computer skills and communication skills through participation in and use of the Internet. The Kids' Space provides a colorful, easy-to-use interface with which students can send in their letters, stories, sound files, and artwork, post messages on an online bulletin board, choose pen pals, and do even more. Kids' Space is maintained by Sachiko Oba as a public service to children everywhere. An excellent site for young children.
Internet Public Library, Youth Services Division
The Internet Public Library Youth Services Division is a growing resource developed for children and youth ages 4-14. At IPL, you'll find story contests (for children 4 and over), online children's stories for your reading or listening pleasure (you can download sound files), Ask the Author forum allowing students to question major children's authors, and lots more with even cooler features to come! This one is definitely worth checking out.