Books For Independent Reading


I'm a Seed
by Jean Marzollo
Scholastic 1996 (32p)
As a marigold seed and a pumpkin seed grow side by side, readers learn how seeds turn into plants.
Now I'm Big
by Margaret Miller
Greenwillow 1996 (32p)
Photographs record what children could do when they were small versus when they're bigger.
See How They Grow: Giraffe
by Mary Ling
Dorling Kindersley 1993 (18p)
Sequential photographs illustrate the growth of a giraffe from birth through its first year


newPearl's First Prize Plant
by A. Delaney
Harper (32p) 1997
Pearl is as proud of the small plant she has grown as if it had won a blue ribbon at the County Fair Flower Show.
by Barbara Shook Hazen
Harper 1997 (32p)
A girl gently explains to her younger brother why their dog Digby is too old to jump or play catch with him.
I Am Me!
by Alexa Brandenberg
Harcourt 1996 (32p)
Nine playful children imagine what they want to be when they grow up.
Dragon Tooth
by Cathryn Falwell
Clarion 1996 (32p)
Sara's first loose tooth is wiggly-wobbly, but she's not ready for Papa to help it come out


by Molly Bang
Scholastic (32p) 1996
A gosling raised by woodchucks discovers that despite their differences, the woodchucks are her true family.
newA Year for Kiko
by Ferida Wolff
Houghton 1997 (32p)
Through the changing seasons, a girl named Kiko catches snowflakes, plants seeds, picks berries, and watches leaves fall.
Miss Emma's Wild Garden
by Anna Grossnickle Hines
Greenwillow 1997 (32p)
As Miss Emma points out to Chloe the many flowers and creatures in her garden, the girl delights in the way her older friend lets things grow any crazy way they want.
When Frank Was Four
by Alison Lester
Houghton 1996 (32p)
This gently humorous book follows seven children from the ages of one to seven, highlighting the accomplishments of each along the way.
The Apple Pie Tree
by Zoe Hall
Scholastic 1996 (32p)
Two children make apple pie from a tree they have watched grow leaves, blossoms, and finally, apples.
A Garden Alphabet
by Isabel Wilner
Dutton 1991 (32p) also paper
A canine gardener and his froggy friend plant, nurture, and harvest a vegetable garden.
Watermelon Day
by Kathi Appelt
Holt 1996 (32p)
Jesse can't wait until the watermelon growing in her family's garden is ready to eat on their annual Watermelon Day


newA Nest Full of Eggs
by Priscilla Belz
Harper 1995 (32p) also paper
A look at a year in the life of a family of robins reveals how they mature, learn to fly, and migrate to warmer climates in the winter.
Moonbear's Pet
by Frank Asch
Simon 1997 (32p)
Bear and Little Bird are surprised when their pet fish Splash begins to change into a frog.
Booby Hatch
by Betsy Lewin
Clarion 1996 (32p)
Pepe, a blue-footed booby, grows from a hatchling to a fledgling to a mature adult on one of the Galapagos Islands.
Sunflower House
by Eve Bunting
Harcourt 1996 (32p)
Sunflower seeds planted in a circle grow into a sunflower house for a group of friends to play in.


newThe Chicken Sisters
by Laura Numeroff
Harper 1997 (32p)
After three chicken sisters drive a wolf out of town with their eccentric behavior, the sisters' neighbors stop complaining about them.
Dark Day, Light Night
by Jan Carr
Hyperion 1995 (32p)
When 'Manda has a down day, her Aunt Ruby helps her feel better when they list all of the things they like.
Shaina's Garden
by Denise Lewis Patrick
Aladdin 1996 (22p)
Planting her very first garden, an African American girl named Shaina gets confused by gardening terms like sow, bed, and nursery.
Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse
by Kevin Henkes
Greenwillow 1996 (32p)
Lilly gets into trouble with her favorite teacher when the new, music-playing purple plastic purse she takes to school causes a distraction in the classroom.
Home Lovely
by Lynn Rae Perkins
Greenwillow 1996 (32p)
With help from her mother and Bob the mailman, Tiffany makes her trailer home beautiful by planting flowers and vegetables.
Jamaica's Blue Marker
by Juanita Havill
Houghton 1995 (32p)
Jamaica's negative feelings about a classmate change when she discovers that he's moving away.


Jack's Garden
by Henry Cole
Greenwillow 1995 (24p)
Cumulative text modeled after “The House That Jack Built” relates how Jack plants a flower garden and then watches as it grows and blooms.
Grandmother's Garden
by John Archambault
Silver 1996 (32p)
The earth is a garden that allows everyone to bloom in this story-poem.
Inch by Inch: The Garden Song
by David Mallet
Harper 1995 (32p)
A young boy works hard to make his garden grow in this familiar song.


How a Seed Grows (Cómo crece una semilla)
by Helene J. Jordan
Harper Arco Iris
Mrs. Sato's Hens (Las gallinas de la señora Sato)
by Laura Min
Harper Dejeleer


newBooby Hatch
by Betsy Lewin
newJack's Garden
by Henry Cole
Inch by Inch: The Garden Song
by David Mallett
by Marjorie Allen
Julius, the Baby of the World
by Kevin Henkes
You'll Soon Grow Into Them, Titch
by Pat Hutchins
Vegetable Garden
by Douglas Florian
How Do You Know It's Fall?
by Allan Fowler
An Egg Is an Egg
by Nicki Weiss


Sometimes Things Change
Allan Fowler
How Do You Know It's Fall?
by Allan Fowler
Shy Charles
by Rosemary Wells
The Carrot Seed
by Robert Kraus
Vegetable Garden
by Douglas Florian
Planting a Rainbow
by Douglas Florian


Changing Seasons
by Henry Pluckrose.
Munia & the Red Shoes
by Asun Balzola