Clipped Words Collection

Ask students, working in small groups, to brainstorm a list of clipped words. You may want to suggest some of the clipped words given here. Then have students create a book page for each clipped word, alphabetizing the pages. Each page should include the long form of the word, its clipped form, and a sample sentence that includes the clipped word. Encourage students to illustrate some of the pages. Finally, have students assemble all of the pages into a class book of clipped words. Students may want to add pages throughout the year as they come across more clipped words.

Clipped Words
gym  (gymnasium)
fan  (fanatic)
exam  (examination)
ref  (referee)
memo  (memorandum)
sub  (submarine)
auto  (automobile)
piano  (pianoforte)
deli  (delicatessen)
gas  (gasoline)
car & yarn

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