Level 8 Unit 1
Science: Ecology


Anthology of the Earth
by Judy Allen
Prose and poetry paying homage to the natural world.
  The Breathing Earth
by Renato Massa, Monica Carabella, and Lorenzo Fornasari
Features topics such as ecosystems, populations, and food chains.


Sounding the Alarm: A Biography of Rachel Carson
by Judith Harlan
A profile of the famous marine biologist.
  M. C. Higgins, the Great
by Virginia Hamilton
A boy dreams of getting his family away from a strip-mining slag heap.


Our Poisoned Waters
by Edward F. Doxan
Covers the complex scientific and legal issues surrounding water pollution and its effects.
  Twenty-First Century Earth
O. W. Markley and Walter R. McCuan, Eds.
Covers a range of topics, including global ecology.


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