Synonym and Antonym Match

Have pairs of students (Player A and Player B) play a match game. Ask Player A to make word cards for these unit words, keeping the cards hidden from Player B: analyze, penalize, sterilize, authorize, despise, improvise, surmise. Ask Player B to make cards for these words, again keeping them hidden: examine, punish, disinfect, contaminate, empower, adore, loathe, memorize, ad-lib, guess. To play, Player A turns each unit word card face up. Player B's cards are shuffled and stacked, facedown. Students take turns drawing a card and matching it with a unit card. To make a match, a player must identify the drawn word as a synonym or antonym of the unit word and use both words in a sentence. A player who correctly matches words picks up the unit word card and puts it in his or her "point pile." The player who collects the most unit cards wins.
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