Antonym Snake

Provide these lists of antonyms and a drawing of a snake with enough spaces to write the words in Column 2. Ask students first to find the antonym in Column 2 for each numbered word in Column 1. They should then make a copy of the snake and write the antonyms on it, writing the first letter of each antonym in the box with the matching number. Explain that if they matched the words correctly, the last letter of each word will be the first letter of the next word.

Column 1Column 2
1.  narrow   widerun
2.  west   eastyouthful
3.  thick   thinlight
4.  disregard   noticeeast
5.  full   emptynegative
6.  aged   youthfulwide
7.  dark   lightterror
8.  fearless   terrorthin
9.  stop   runempty
10.  positive   negativenotice
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