Picturing Words from Names

Have students use a class dictionary with etymologies to find the words listed below. Ask them to chart the origins and meanings on a poster, organized by whether the words come from names of people or places. Have students add a drawing illustrating some of the words and then write sentences for each other's drawings.

guppy small, bright-colored freshwater fish found by R. J. L. Guppy
teddy bear small stuffed bear named for President Teddy Roosevelt, who spared the life of a bear cub on a hunting trip
atlas book of maps, named for Atlas, a Greek mythological figure who carried the world on his shoulders
Ferris wheel giant rotating wheel with seats, designed in 1893 by George Ferris
frankfurter smoked sausage in a roll, from Frankfurt, Germany
hamburger patty of ground meat in a roll, from Hamburg, Germany

girl drawing

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