Level 5 Unit 33
Theme: Fashion


She's Wearing a Dead Bird
on Her Head!
by Kathryn Lasky
Decorating ladies' hats with dead
birds led to bird protection laws.
by Rhoda Blumberg
How a fashion rage became a
symbol for suffragettes.


A Day in the Life of a
Fashion Designer
by Ann Hodgman
The activities of a New York
fashion designer.
Levi Strauss
by Elizabeth van Steenwyk
A biography of the man who, in
1873, began producing the jeans
that still bear his name.


From Top Hats to Baseball
Caps, From Bustles to Blue
by Lila Perl
How fashion styles have evolved
over the years.
Fashions of a Decade
by Patricia Baker
A look at the fashions of the
conservative 1950s.


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