Level 3 Unit 31
Theme: Visiting the Dentist


Arthur's Tooth
by Marc Brown
Arthur the aardvark is afraid
he's never going to lose his
baby tooth.
How Many Teeth?
by Paul Showers
A look at the number of teeth
humans have when they are
young and old.


Dr. Desoto
by William Steig
A mouse dentist and his wife
outtrick a wily fox who wants
to eat them.
When I See My Dentist
by Susan Kuklin
This photo-essay describes
what happens during a girl's
trip to the dentist.


The Sweetest Fig
by Chris Van Allsburg
A mean dentist thinks two
magical figs will make his
dreams come true.
Dr. Desoto Goes to Africa
by William Steig
Dr. Desoto goes to Africa to
help an elephant with a terrible


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