Level 3 Unit 21
Theme: Going for a Visit


Best Friends Together
by Aliki
Robert's friend comes
back for a visit after
moving away.
Grandpa Takes Me to
the Moon
by Tomothy R. Gaffney
During his visits, Grandpa
relates stories about his
days as an astronaut.


What's in Aunt Mary's
by Elizabeth F. Howard
Two girls find an heirloom
during a visit with an aunt.
Stringbean's Trip to the
Shining Sea
by Vera Williams
Postcards describe a
visit to the West Coast.


Sweet Magnolia
by Virginia Kroll
Visiting her grandmother,
Denise learns about the
Louisiana bayou.
Boundless Grace
by Mary Hoffman
Grace goes to Gambia to
visit her father and his
new family.


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