These bibliograpies suggest titles that relate to the unit theme in each Basic Unit and to the type of writing presented in each Review Unit.

The books on these lists may be available through publishers, distributors such as bookstores or online retailers, or library systems.

Unit 1: Baking
Unit 2: Fishing
Unit 3: Forest Fires
Unit 4: Art Class
Unit 5: Swimming Race
Unit 6: Writing: A Story About Yourself
Unit 7: Baseball
Unit 8: Flowers
Unit 9: The Circus
Unit 10: A Cookout
Unit 11: First Aid
Unit 12: Writing Form: Instructions
Unit 13: Weather
Unit 14: Dance Class
Unit 15: The Laundromat
Unit 16: Field Day
Unit 17: Bees
Unit 18: Writing Form: Story
Unit 19: Hairdresser
Unit 20: Using Your Senses
Unit 21: Going for a Visit
Unit 22: Building a Tree House
Unit 23: Baby Animals
Unit 24: Writing Form: Description
Unit 25: A Bad Day
Unit 26: Teaching
Unit 27: Invitations
Unit 28: Fables
Unit 29: The City
Unit 30: Writing Form: Letters
Unit 31: Visiting the Dentist
Unit 32: A Lost Pet
Unit 33: Seasons
Unit 34: Following Directions
Unit 35: Putting on a Play
Unit 36: Writing Form: Research Report

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