Level 2 Unit 17
Theme: Careers: Dentist


Arthur's Tooth
by Marc Brown
His first loose tooth causes
Arthur the aardvark some
Cousin Ruth's Tooth
by Amy McDonald
The entire Fister family
helps Cousin Ruth look for
her missing tooth.


Milo's Toothache
by Ida Luttrell
Milo the pig's toothache
makes his friends panic.
What It's Like to be a
by Judith Samper
A dentist tells a patient
about what she does and
the equipment she uses.


Dr. DeSoto
by William Steig
A mouse dentist and his
wife ouwit a fox who
plans to eat them.
When I See My Dentist
by Susan Kuklin
This photo-essay describes
a girl's trip to the dentist.


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