Home Connection Activity - Level 1  

Review: Units 1-2

Unit 1
Basic Words
1. an
2. at
3. can
4. cat
5. had
6. man

Special Words for Writing
7. the
8. and
9. a

Unit 2
Basic Words
1. in
2. it
3. him
4. big
5. sit
6. did

Special Words for Writing
7. to
8. of
9. is
  Match the Sounds
Have your child draw lines from the picture clues to the words that have the same beginning sounds. Review the answers together.

Empareja los sonidos
Pìdale a su hijo o hija que trace una lìnea de los jibujos como pistas a las palabras que tienen los mismos sonidos iniciales. Repasen juntos las respuestas.


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