More Word Builders

Have children work in small groups to build words from the consonant clusters they have learned in this unit and the phonograms they have used in previous units. First, label three separate boxes or containers cl, fl, and sl. Then write the following phonograms on separate cards and put them in a box that children can draw from: -ag, -am, -at, -ed, -ip, -ot, -op, -ub, -ake, -ide. Have children take turns drawing a phonogram to see if they can make a word by adding one of the consonant–clusters. When children decide a word can be formed, such as flat, have them write that word on an index card and put it in the appropriate consonant–cluster container. After children have formed all the words they can from the phonograms, have them think of other words that begin with the consonant clusters and add those words to their collections.

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