Grade 4 Houghton Mifflin Reading

Internet Links

Theme 6: Nature: Friend and Foe

These sites offer a range of background information and activities related to the selections in Nature: Friend and Foe.

Showdown at Grizzly River
Explore the world of Alaskan grizzlies and their favorite meal, salmon, at this site based on the television series Nature. You'll visit A River of Bears, learn more about salmon spawning habits, investigate the growing pains of bear cubs, and find links to lots of natural resources.

On the Prairie
Turn to this lively site for more information on the Great Plains, the setting for Skylark. Your class can learn about prairie plants and animals and threats to their fast-shrinking ecosystem (less than 2 percent of native prairie remains today). You'll find lots of great activities, too—there's Build-a-Prairie, where you turn a bare dirt field into a thriving prairie; Field Guide to the Prairie; Ask the Author, where you can get answers to all your prairie-related questions; and QuickTime movies too. It's a field day (so to speak) for prairie enthusiasts!