Grade 4 Houghton Mifflin Reading

Internet Links

Theme 4: Problem Solvers

These sites offer in-depth background and activities to supplement the selections in Problem Solvers.

First Names and What They Mean
After checking out the last-names site, try this one, which indexes just about every first name imaginable.

Chinese Festivals and Dragon Lore
A fun, information-rich source to complement The Last Dragon, this site examines Chinese New Year and other festivals and explains the role of dragons in Chinese tradition and lore. You'll learn the difference between Chinese, Korean, and Japanese dragons (Chinese dragons have the most toes!), what happened to Chinese dragons who traveled too far from home, and why Chinese dragons didn't breathe fire; students can also download original dragon art!

Music Notes
To supplement Sing to the Stars, this "interactive online musical experience" offers a whole orchestra's worth of information about musical styles, history, instruments (everything from piccolos to bassoons), and professions. There are also music-related games, a comprehensive glossary of music terms, and links to other music sites.