Shape-Book Patterns

From apples to t-shirts to umbrellas, we have dozens of fun and friendly Shape-Book Patterns for you and your students. You can use shape-book patterns in different ways in your classroom.

  • In the Writing Center
    • Children can write stories, poems, and reports within the shapes. Shapes are available with writing lines and without writing lines. Additionally, some “decorated” shapes have designs that students can color in and use as book covers.
    • Several shapes, such as the ticktactoe grid, can be used easily as graphic organizers.
  • In the Publishing Center
    • Children or adult volunteers can cut out shapes to make shape books. Use staples, ribbon, string, or brads to bind pages together.
  • Around the Classroom
    • Decorate your bulletin board and other parts of the room with shapes that match your themes.
  • At Your Desk
    • Use cut-out shapes to write notes, lists, or comments for your students—or for yourself.
    • Decorate cut-out shapes to give as motivators or rewards.